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  • Texturing problem


    I am having a little problem getting really good milk texturing. I have a HX Wega mininova classic with a 5 hole wand.

    I am using a 600 ml pitcher and am attepting to fill it to the brim which is actually 625mls (my wife likes extra milk in a large mug). I fill the pitcher with 400 mls of milk and then begin to stretch by surfing the very top edge of the milk with the wand at about 30 degrees entering in the centre of th jug. My machine seems to need quite a bit of stretching to stretch this 225mls and when I get there the milk texture is not fine enough to get good milk art.

    Am I stretching too much? If so, what is the correct ratio? If my ratio is ok could it be that the machine does not produce powerful enough steam?

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    Re: Texturing problem

    If anything it could be a case of too much power (and incorrect technique).  If youre still learning to texture milk you may want to consider replacing your 5-hole tip with a 2-hole.  

    Sounds like you are putting too much air into your milk.  If youre going from 400ml to 600ml+ then you must have large bubbles in there.  You should be aiming for a smaller ratio of foam and a nice velvetty texture.

    Try watching Scottie Calahans video to start with:

    If you recently bought the machine new you may want to contact your vendor and ask for advice or even better, a demonstration.  Each machine is slightly different.


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      Re: Texturing problem

      Thanks for the advice. I have cut back on the ratio to good effect!


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        Re: Texturing problem

        Ive got a San Marino ck with a 5 hole tip.  Ive turn the p/stat down to 0.9bar and its now much more controllable.   I use a 300ml jug, but with a 600ml jug youll have a bit more time.

        Personally I would try Koffee Kosmos microfoam technique and see how you go.  There is an extensive thread about it.

        Good luck finding a two hole.  I couldnt find any that would fit the wands thread.  Tried both from coffee parts.  You could use a bit of wires to block a couple of the hole.

        FYI the San marino ck is very similar to the wega mininova, just no e61 group.


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          Re: Texturing problem

          400ml is too much for a 600ml jug in my opinion. Your milk should come up to about the bottom of the spout section of your jug. I suspect 400ml is a little over that. Im sure that is not a hard and set rule but I reckon it will help. I also dont think anyone out there could get microfoam if they are stretching the milk 50%. I would think half that would be ideal and even on the high side. Im no pro at stretching milk but there is no way I could pour latte art with anything over 25% at 50% I think I would pull out a spoon and scoop the foam on.