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Question about Milk???

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  • Question about Milk???

    Hi all im new to this site and love my coffee!!! I have a question about milk and want to know if other think they same.

    Do you think that milk from a carton taste different(and better) to milk from a plastic bottle?

    I used that A2 milk from a plastic bottle for the first time as i have read on here that people say its good to use, however got this taste which i always seem to get from milk in a plastic bottle. Im just wondering if other think the same?



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    Re: Question about Milk???

    Hi there Chris, welcome to CS

    I personally havent drunk milk from a paper carton in a long time.

    When youre drinking from a plastic bottle, are you saying that youre getting a plasticy taste?

    Obviously, different brands of milk will taste different, and different varieties in fat content (full cream, skim, hilo etc) will have different tastes and mouth-feel.

    Personally I use A2 and I feel like the fullcream is a sweeter milk than other brands of milk I have tried. I also like Bannister Downs milk in WA (not sure where youre from so I dont know if youve tried that).

    Heres a test for you:
    Buy the same brand, same type of milk, one lot in the botlte and one lot in the carton.

    Then get someone else to pour you a glass from each, and see if you can still pick the difference.

    That way you can tell if the difference you are picking up on is the plastic, or if it is just the different taste in a different brand of milk.

    Theyre my thoughts on the subject


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      Re: Question about Milk???


      Ive had milk from plastic bottles, glass bottles and straight from the cow when visiting the farm of a friend.
      Personally cant find any plastic flavour or effect on my palate, but someone else may differ.

      I do miss the milk from glass bottles back in the seventies

      Id presume you have tried different types of milk and noticed the same plastic aftertaste.
      So my suggestion is for you to continue using cartons if you find it more enjoyable than plastics.

      If you can find glass bottled milk in your neck of the woods, thats better.

      Gary at G


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        Re: Question about Milk???

        Sampled some milk unadulterated from a plastic bottle brought down to room temperature before having breakfast.

        Chris, i do detect a faint hint of plastic character.
        The sample i had was the last 200ml of milk left in the container and then left to warm to room temp.

        I will conduct another test in a few days when level of a 1 litre paper carton and a Bannister Downs 1 litre is down to minimum.

        Normally the taste buds are at their most acute first thing in the morning.

        Gary at G