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Lost my steaming mojo...

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  • Lost my steaming mojo...

    Hi folks,

    I have a 1-hole tip Rancilio Silvia V3 which I recently had serviced after 11 months of use. Ive been able to produce reasonable microfoam for the best part of a year, but ever since I had the machine serviced, my steaming sux. :-/ Attached is a pic from a few months ago - now I cant seem to get anything close - mainly hot milk with minimal foam. Its extremely frustrating as I usually got fairly good results before. I cant work out whats going on. Am using A2 lite milk as per usual. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I feel like Im going nuts!!


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    Re: Lost my steaming mojo...

    Ive been having a few issues of late getting consistent microfoam coming. Ive noticed that it was worse with the Coles branded stuff, and the Costco stuff (its Christmas/New Years, got to live with what gets brought home). Im in Canberra and the local milk has been hit and miss for me. I suspect the weather or just current season is causing some variability in the milk.