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  • One query and my 2 cents

    My query is, what machines are known for easy to produce/good microfoam? As i drink mainly lattes, iv been looking at the expobar office, does this have a big enough boiler to produce really dry steam which apparently is ideal for microfoam?


    My 2 cents, spent a frustrated 2 weeks using up 4 litres of procal (i buy 2x2L as it works out nice and cheap) wondering whether the milk was bad or my technique - i tried to convince my wife that the silvia is crap for microfoam and i really really need a DB/HX machine to make good latte art which is oh so important. Anyway the milk was not frothing well at all - big soap bubbles tried a million and one different things but nothing seemed to work. Procal had been serving me well (apparently no permeate??) so i thought it strange that it could be that bad a batch?? Anyway tried some Pura and wa la! Microfoaming again! so i guess i got a bad batch of procal, anyone had this problem? Also would like to give 2 thumbs up to pura, pretty nice microfoam and not too expensive for anyone looking for alternative to A2.

    Thoughts guys? Ta.