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  • Splitting Milk

    Ive been having problems getting consistent microfoam out of my BDB (consistent enough for latte art at least), thought id do some experimenting with splitting milk between two jugs.

    - Get two jugs, preferably one smaller to pour out of
    - Steam milk as normal in the larger, tap to settle etc
    - Pour milk back and forth between them a few times if you have a big lump of foam on top from poor technique
    - Pour enough into the smaller one to fill your cup plus a bit extra
    - Pour into the cup.

    Pouring between the two jugs seems to help integrate some of the thick foam at the top, resulting in a more uniform texture, and its a lot more forgiving on poor technique.
    My end result was some decent looking latte art, definitely an improvement over just steaming and pouring from the same jug.

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    Re: Splitting Milk

    thanks. i just learnt the wonders of KK technique but have a few lumps when using bonsoy (fine with cows milk). will try this