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Adapting my foaming wand

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  • Adapting my foaming wand

    Hi, been looking around here for a while and looking online at baristas to pick up tips.

    I have a small De'Longhi machine which has a black, removable end to the foaming wand. After each use, I purge the wand, wipe it, remove and rinse the black end piece, replace, then purge to remove the water.

    Does the black end piece NEED to be there. I know the pro machines are expensive and high tech. But none have the extra piece. It would be much easier for me to simply wipe and purge the wand.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The panarello (black nozzle) can be disposed of if the remaining part of the steam wand is long enough to reach the surface of the milk. Note that this doesn't mean you could add more milk to raise the level in the jug. It also becomes more difficult.
    The panarello tends to introduce more air into the milk, and you end up with thick foam rather than the silky textured milk that you can obtain from a 'proper' steam wand. There are less expensive options than a prosumer machine which do a better job of steaming than the panarello-fitted devices. You don't need high tech.
    My first espresso machine was a Delonghi and I struggled to get consistently good results from it.


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      Thanks for the advice. As long as it wont damage the machine, I guess I'll have to try without it and see.

      Don't get consistent results yet as I'm only a week into it, so now may be as good a-time-as any to change things up!

      Thanks again