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Iced milk for quality microfoam on silvia

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  • Iced milk for quality microfoam on silvia

    Just thought i'd give a little input on my milk microfoaming experience as i have a V3 PID silvia and have been getting not bad microfoam but not as good as i wanted

    I noticed some people put the milk jug into the fridge/freezer to cool it down so the milk can be injected with air during frothing for longer at colder temps to prevent big bubbles. I've been doing this for a bit and now i've been putting the jug with milk in the freezer to cool it all right down. I was taking my time the other day and when i took the milk out from the freezer it had a roughish layer of ice on the top. The icey layer quickly melts when frothing started and i found it was the smoothest most microfoam milk i've done with great results and the taste wasn't affected by the slight freezing of the milk

    Wondering if i'm just way behind and people have been doing this before.?

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    I also freeze my cds they sound heaps better cccccooolldd!!!

    Nah I just do the jug thing.


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      You can freeze your milk, or you can just get good at foaming, with practice.

      *EDIT* Try adding a tablespoon of cream to your jug next time.
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