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Modifying bellman/Mr cuppuccino steamers

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  • Modifying bellman/Mr cuppuccino steamers

    I have seen people cite reference to modifying the Mr cuppuccino steamer, and also the bellman stovetop steamer.

    I have had a bellman steamer for a few months. For a camping device I find it works well on gas, but is a bit slow on electric, unless you use the safety valve like a smoke stack. The problem with this is the fixed angle of the steam wand, and the angular shape of the steam tip.

    I am the owner of two second hand Mr cuppuccinos. They are both different. One is anemic compared to the belman. The other puts out plenty of steam, hot water through the steam wand. The steam wand also has one of those funny plastic things over the wand. I was hoping the Mr cuppuccino would be more convenient than the stovetop steamer.

    Although I saw two threads where the question was asked about modifications, (Tapatalk can't seem to find them) there were no replies/ details

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    I made two modifications to my Bellman:

    1. Drilled the hole out to 1.2mm. Huge improvement.

    2. Made the angle of the wand a bit more upright. It's still fixed, just a different angle.


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      I have drilled the tip out to 1mm (choices of 1 or 1.5mm drills in my garage). I'll try that for a bit.

      First impressions: the steam had just opened the safety valve when I first tried, and the first few seconds threatened to start a tornado in the jug. It was a little hard to control using the valve, untill the pressure lessened.

      Looking good so far.