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problem, nice microfoam sitting on flat milk

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  • problem, nice microfoam sitting on flat milk

    Hi guys,
    I have recently purchased the rancilio s24 from a fellow CSnobber and im having a great time dialing in the grind size and practicing my microfoamining skills. As you can imagine the first few goes were atrocious but I was well on my way after going through 2liters of milk (my wife is already sick of trying to consume my experimental byproducts )

    The problem.
    Im using coles lite milk and im cooling it as much as possible befoee I begin to foam it. I get an increase of volume of about 25-30% and im getting some great looking foam, the problem I have is though is that the foam is not incorporated into the milk below, ie; the milk is just hot milk with a nice layer of microfoam on top. I set up a swirl but I feel like I have run out of time before the milk and foam is mixed (I dont want to scald the milk). Im the technique described in the sticky posted above. Can anyone tell me what I might be missing?


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    Hey Nescafé, sounds like if the milk is not a consistent texture all the way through then you aren't in fact making microfoam, I'd even doubt the nice layer on top is microfoam. It should look like wet paint very difficult to see any bubbles. So I would say try to reduce your steam a bit while you get used to the technique, and maybe experiment with full cream as well. Also try letting the milk expand maybe 15-20% initially then let the tip sit under the surface with minimal air being sucked in and by the end you'll get another 5-10% increase anyway. Hope that helps.


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      You may also like to use water with ONE drop of dishwashing liquid instead of milk as a more cost effective way to practice foaming/frothing/stretching the milk, not for drinking though, soapy water and coffee may not taste that nice


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        Try picking up a spoonful of the foam and turn the spoon upside down. Does it hold shape like meringue? Does the foam stick to the spoon? If it's good microfoam it should slide off leaving an almost clean spoon. If it doesn't, you've got froth not foam.

        It may be that you are holding the tip too high in the milk and it's blowing bubbles rather than sucking the surface down. The tip should be below surface level with the steam causing a hollow into which the milk is sucked and turned under the surface. There should be a intermittent phht, phht, phht sound as it does it. There shouldn't be bubbles on top of the milk. (it happens occasionally but you're trying NOT to make them.

        If you can't get it, maybe make a video and post that so we can see what you're doing?


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          I think im making nice foam (really nice foam!) I did manage one go where the milk thickened up (almost like molten icecream) but this is hareder than what I thought it would be .

          I wi try the water and dishwashing liquid trick later, I have purposefully bought some decaf wow from beanbay so I can keep drinking while im trying, going for the feel and the taste of my products! In the last 2 days I would say I have gone through 200grams of beans. Loving it!


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            Coles milk is not the best. Dairy farmers A2 is much better, reasonably priced and they do 2% too if you want less fat.