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LaCimbali Domus Classic steam wand probs

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  • LaCimbali Domus Classic steam wand probs

    G'day all,
    I recently bought a La Cimbali Domus Classic cheap off gumtree. It pulls terrific shots (compared to my ancient Krups), but I'm having a little trouble with the steam wand. I've only got into milk texturing recently, so I've never really nailed the microfoam thing. I took the frothing assistance off the steam wand, but now the wand ends with a straight nozzle about 3mm wide. There's a heap of steam coming out, but when I try to get it in the foam-making zone it spits milk rather than making foam. Is there a special technique for foaming with that kind of steam wand tip?

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    Hi DanGodde, you say the wand has a hole about 3mm wide in the end of it, and that it does not have a screw on nozzle? If so you might have to put up with the frothing assistant (the rubber thingee) as a hole about 1mm to 1.5mm is usually the go in the nozzle.
    Or if you know someone who can fit a brass nozzle on the end of it? Or make a brass plug with a 1.25mm hole in it and jam it up the end of it. As long as the hole is clear it will not blow up on you.


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      Thanks for the reply. I found that results improved by pointing the wand more vertically down into the milk. I'm no experimenting with the exact angle - foam vs. swirl.