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technique for 500mls + in a 1L jug?

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  • technique for 500mls + in a 1L jug?

    Hi all, just looking for a little help.... When doing 200mls of milk in a small jug the process works perfectly for me. However when I do 500mls+ of milk for 2 mugs, I can't get it right. I can't get the chh chh sound going and I end up with bigger bubbles and much less creamy milk. I have even read the entire thread on milk at the top of this site and tried the technique described, but no luck. My machine is Diadema Jnr semi auto. Any ideas, or advice?

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    That's all i ever steam,
    I have the wand about 1/3 in from the edge of the jug with just s little bit of angle which starts your whirlpool and then regulate the depth to introduce air slowly
    always full steam power, but my unit only has a single hole tip aswell.


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      Just realised that's not my 1L jug.

      But i don;t do anything different..?


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        maybe if you can post up a video of what you're doing bob, some of us here can lend a little more help? =)
        the only thing i can think of from what you've posted is that you might need to turn the steam up (if posible) to get the rolling motion happening in the jug?


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          Hi 13bob, i noticed when I am losing steam pressure and volume on my 2 group machine during peak period, moving steam tip away from middle of milk jug and closer to jug wall helps with maintaining milk vortex and movement. Attempting to force milk stretching phase by placing steam tip in the middle of milk jug doesnt work when I dont have the steam power to create milk vortex and movement ... I hope my rambling make some sense good luck


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            get some detergent, not the already watered down, and pour a couple drops in with water as if it was milk. Practice until it's perfect at what you need.

            In terms of steaming larger quantities of milk, you seem like you're lacking consistency atm. So what's consistent is what can't move, that is to say when you aren't in control- so if you can position the jug to swirl and texture without your interference, that may work.

            I'll explain later, but it basically means milk ---> steam wand turn on, with jug slightly off-centre to facilitate swirling. Because you aren't holding it, it can't ((muck)) up. But only works for double latte *(t/a)* or double cap.

            ((Language edit by Andy... Family friendly forum please))


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              Thanks for the advice guys.

              I was taught using a small jug (enough milk for 1mug) and have the steam wand on a small angle with the tip right up against the wall of the jug just below the bottom of the spout. This seems to work well.

              But This technique doesn't work for the 1L jug (500mls milk), so instead I start with the tip of the steam wand centred but 1/3 away from the side of the jug wall with the wand on a slight angle.

              Whilst Texturing, stretching the milk with the tip just under the surface I just can't get the same chh chh sound happening. I have tried to follow the guides already described here on the forum but would love to know where I'm going wrong.

              Also, off the topic - how long do I stretch the milk before plunging the steam wand down deeper into the milk? When the jug is starting to get warm? Hot?



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                That's a truckload of milk for such a small machine??

                With the surface area of a half full 1 litre jug would the steam power/ tip hole size/ hole porting be enough to

                get the milk moving??

                The last question is a bit like the 'how long is a piece of string?' deal. ;-)

                You stretch the milk as much as you want it stretched ... a little bit for flat white, bit more for latte

                and more again for cappuccino. The amount of time will vary according to steaming ability of the machine.

                On most domestic machines it's a matter of <>5-10 seconds or so ( in my experience ), with commercials only

                a second or two or less.

                I'm starting off a new client this week who is running a refurbished Faema E61, we had trouble sourcing a tip (thread issues) that would

                do 300 mls of milk without blowing it out of the jug. We found a guy in Croydon who makes exquisite custom steam tips....

                ( with a similarly exquisite price.... circa $75 !! ) it is one of the best performing tips I have ever used ( and that's not a lot, maybe 8-10 ).

                Hardly any stretching time at all, awesome vortex and quite a deep plunge required to stop the stretching. Second go and I had my best milk .... ever!

                Very impressive; steam power + tip design = job done.


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                  Thanks chokkidog. Looks like I'm stretching way to long. I watched the guys at my local Cafe yesterday and they hardly stretched at all. .. pretty much plunged the tip deep into the milk straight away.

                  Do you think I should upgrade my stream tip?


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                    Just keep working on your technique 13bob, before you spend any money.


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                      Originally posted by BangalowBarista View Post
                      Just keep working on your technique 13bob, before you spend any money.
                      Hi, still having the same problem... Just can't get the right chh chh chh sound when I'm texturing the larger volume of milk.

                      Feels like either there is not enough steam pressure or the steam tip is not adequate?


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                        Where are you bob? Maybe a nearby snob can do a hands on diagnosis.