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Cafelat 700mL pitcher

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  • Cafelat 700mL pitcher

    I bought one of these last week as a replacement for my old Rattleware jug. I must admit after a week of use I am impressed with it. The milk seems to whirlpool and texture better and I don't see as many bubbles.

    It pours like a dream. I'm no latte artist so can't crow about superior rosettas, tulips, etc; it just seems easier to control the pour.

    When texturing with my old jug, I would sometimes run out of steam before the milk reached 65o. I haven't had that happen on the Cafelat jug yet. Not sure this is due to thermal efficiency of the Cafelat jug.

    The only downside is that the spout is set quite high and there are no handle rivets to help you judge the milk level. I used a 1 cup measure for a while but it doesn't take long for your eye to judge the required level.

    Definitely recommend. I bought mine from Beanbay as the 700ml pitcher weighs 500g so it nicely filled a 3kg post bag with my 2.5kg greens order so saved on postage.

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    Nice review flynnaus.

    I use them too, in fact I use the little one more than the big one as I'm typically drinking espresso and am only doing milk for someone else.
    It takes a few times usage to get used to the thicker material but after that it feels "normal" and the standard thin jugs don't feel right any more.

    Like all the Cafelat gear, it's well thought-out, well made and good value.


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      Originally posted by Andy View Post
      I use the little one more than the big one
      Thanks Andy. I will definitely be getting a 400mL jug as well.