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Frothing milk with a new Lelit PL41LEM frothing milk

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  • Frothing milk with a new Lelit PL41LEM frothing milk

    Hi can you help me please? so frustrated.
    Having changed from a Gaggia Classic to a Lelit PL41 LEM, I cannot froth the milk at all. Looked and tried to follow various videos etc. It appears that the steam is not as strong as the Gaggia.
    Do not know hat to do. Any ideas please? (the frother is as supplied). Thank you.

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    x2. I've also recently started using Lelit PL41LEM and can pull ok shot but having a tough time frothing milk. Steam seems to turn to water before milk up to temp.


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      Sorry you're have difficulties with steaming. I use the Lelit PL41TEMD which has similar steaming capacity as my second machine. I can assure you that if you are using it correctly (and assuming it is working properly) it is capable of meeting your steaming expectations.

      The only circumstance in which I can imagine steam turning to water before milk is up to temperature would be if the machine was operating in hot water mode rather than steam mode. For my machine that a matter of flicking a switch into a different position. Not sure how you would achieve it on your model.

      Hope that helps.

      Best wishes, Russell


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        I have had a lelit pl41lem for 18 months and I'm very happy with it. For frothing milk after making espresso you need toggle the middle switch upwards. Wait until the light goes out then open the steam wand to let the small amount of water in the wand out. You should get very strong steam for frothing.


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          I have had a Lelit combi and I think most important part is the swirl motion for the one tip to work on the foam.


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            I have a Lelit Pl41lem and tried a couple of times to froth milk with mixed success. Does the freshness of the milk make any difference? Just wondering.


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              Originally posted by Zutroy View Post
              Does the freshness of the milk make any difference? Just wondering.
              Yes it does, but not all that much, unless it's really old or stale. Temperature is important though, it needs to be cold. Room temp milk does not foam well. Different brands can vary too. Not sure what you have in your area, but here in SE Qld I have found that Aldi light milk was very ordinary for foaming, and the flavour was a bit off too. Coles and Woollies were better, but of the local brands/types here I prefer Pauls "Smarter" low fat blend. Their "Physical" low fat also foams fairly well for me, though I have only used it a few times.