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    Hi all,

    lactose intolerant and the health effects of soy have turned me off it.

    Looking at getting a Silvio and was wondering if anyone here has had a good crack with oat milk?

    any observations, tips etc anyone has found?

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    Hi, I've found nearly all milk substitutes to lend some offish flavour to the coffee. They are all cow's milk's ugly sister. I don't drink much cow's milk, and the only 'milk' I've found to work in lattes is Bonsoy, which obviously you don't take as per your post. I can take soy now for some reason, after years of not taking it well. I found almond milk turns bitter when you add espresso (some weird chemical reaction going on here). Oat milk tastes, I dunno, watery, or soapy maybe? Rice milk is again watery, it doesn't have the fat to carry the coffee taste. There is one version, Vitasoy from memory, where they thicken it with some additive, maybe inulin, that has a chance of being drinkable. I think there is also a coconut, almond milk combo out now which might work too, the coconut fat could potentially be a good emulsifier for the espresso. Quinoa milk for me was surprisingly okay (it's all relative), but some people find it absolutely vile!

    Of course I don't bother with any of these, and drink only espresso and black these days, with the occasional cow/soy latte thrown in.


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      I think that's the way to go! Black and ever going back and all that!


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        Just wondering whether you have are able to tolerate Zymil ? It is milk which has an enzyme added which removes the lactose (if I understand it correctly). I've tried it (along with a few others mentioned above), but now just drink black. My sympathy for your lactose intolerance. I miss my flat whites.


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          Originally posted by pyrmontboy200 View Post
          There is one version, Vitasoy from memory, where they thicken it with some additive, maybe inulin, that has a chance of being drinkable.
          Vitasoy's 'protein enriched' rice milk has pressed chick peas added to give it this shot of protein. I've never tried it in coffee, but I suppose the extra protein could help it's cause.


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            For lactose intolerance and treament take a look at



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              Ok so,

              have tried lactose tabs, hate lactose free milk, zymil and anything else that could be close to milk. Problem is that any milk (a decent amount which = more than about what's used for buttering bread) results in itchiness, skin rashes, flaking skin, blocked sinuses etc so I guess it's more an allergy I suffer.

              Since finding out out ive trained myself off dairy, as a result I hate milk now (love cream, ice cream, chocolate etc and sometimes I cave and just put up with the side effects) and have adjusted to non milks for my latte. Problem is that soy is not much better health wise and so now I'm down to oat milk at home for a latte and now I just have long blacks when out.

              im just wondering if anyone's had a crack at texturing oat milk and any tips or suggestions. Just picked up my silvia today and can't wait to get it cracking!


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                I have been lactose intolerant for about 15 years. I can’t say what others should do but I know what works for me.

                I still use dairy. I have not gone to the alternatives like “oat or soy milk”. I can handle some dairy products like cheese, butter and yoghurt where fermentation has removed some of the lactose and I can handle the amount of milk in a macchiato.

                I once had a creamy soup that was delicious but shot through me like a Bondi tram. When we had Bondi trams, they went very fast downhill, just like my creamy soup.

                I add 4 drops of liquid Lactase to a litre of milk that I use and I take a chewable tablet before a meal if in doubt of the amount of milk or cream used in the cooking.

                Lactase is not a drug but a natural enzyme normally produced by us while living on our mother’s milk. Many of us reduce its production sometime after weaning. Lactase tablets and liquid can be obtained at many chemists or online.

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                  When I tried steaming oat milk it was more like steaming water than milk. I ended up with the nozzle sucking air, i.e half in half out and making the 'ch' sound, for the whole steaming session, just to get the milk to stretch. So if you are a fan of 1980s style cappuccinos, you could take that approach!


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                    I use a lot of Oat milk to make fruit smoothies and occasionally have tried it in my coffee when I've been out of regular milk. It's pretty gross! It makes coffee taste awful and yeah your probly better off having it black


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                      Originally posted by pyrmontboy200 View Post
                      Hi, I've found nearly all milk substitutes to lend some offish flavour to the coffee. They are all cow's milk's ugly sister.
                      That's funny, because coming from South Africa, I find cow's milk in NZ to have an 'offish' taste. And I like the Pure Harvest soy milk which has a nice nutty taste.


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                        The only plant based milk I can drink with coffee is rice milk (so good) - however it is well over my sweetness limit in anything other than coffee (I deliberately run the shot into bitterness to compensate). It must have a whole sugar cane (or fructose equivalent) in every serve... Froths at a glance too.

                        Oh, pyrmontboy200 I covet any decent milk like the NZ stuff (or Guernsey / Jersey ex NSW). Here in the west we mainly have Fresian ("white paint milk" we called it in NSW as it is so weak). I concur - the plant stuff is the ugly sister - especially soy, any soy... Nutty flavours belong in my morning muesli, not my cuppa joe!