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Teflon Milk Jugs.

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  • Teflon Milk Jugs.

    Hi everyone,

    I am new in this forum. Let me explain my situation.

    I have been making coffee for a year now. I can only pour heart, empty heart, wave heart. 5/50 times I get a decent Rosetta. (I know a rosetta should be a standard for all barista) My Head Barista was pretty strict. But I was okay. I only focus on the taste of the coffee not really the art. He had a Teflon milk jug.

    I work at a different cafe now. Apparent my manager wants me to go to a small latte art competition next month near the end of June. And honestly I don't know anything else. I would like to get some help from everyone here, Also some steaming milk to get silky/smooth milk & great microfoam milk. I know if you're a good latte art person, you can pour anything from a standard/normal milk jug. I want to get a Teflon milk jug. I am unsure which brand. And I really do want to improve on my coffee and some latte art for the competition.

    My question:
    - Which Teflon do you have ? and do you like it?
    - These brand, which is better "Rhinowares" or "Cafes Teflon", "Motta Europa" and "ILSA". Or they all make no different with pouring for latte art.
    - Where could I get them in Sydney? Or could I only order online?

    I am sorry if I post it wrong or asking too much. Thank you so much for your time and feedback!

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    Hi mate!

    Any particular reason you want to use a teflon jug? I used to work at a cafe which had them but I never really liked them to steam or pour art from as the teflon makes the jug slippery. My favourite jugs are the stock standard stainless jugs from coffee parts. Used to pour all my best art from them. They have a nicely defined spout, simple design and nice price.



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      Teflon is fine- if you want it. I really don't think it makes much difference. The presence or absence of teflon is not going to make you a latte artist- only hours of practise will.


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        Try this link: