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  • Milk Sourcing in Victoria

    Hello all,

    After years of runnning other peoples cafes, I have decided to take the plunge and open my own (in my humble little hometown of Mildura, in an attempt to bring some of the Melbourne and Adelaide coffee culture home). However, a problem I'm currently encountering is being able to source high quality milk in the country. I have experience in using Tweedvale (SA), Saint David (VIC) and Demeter (VIC) but none of them distribute to Mildura. I'm open to any suggestions that people may have in how to counter this, I really don't want to be forced into using supermarket branded milks, I know it's a long shot, but if anyone has any information that may help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Ideally, I'd like to be using unhomogenised, permeate free milk.

    Thank you

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    Jonesy's milk was very popular a couple of years ago in cafes, and I'd have thought they'd distribute it in Mildura.


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      I see what you say about supermarket milk. , but.... Paul's organic is unhomoginised if you buy in single litres. Probably not the ideal, and yeah , see if you can get Joneseys anyway. Ex - Gippsland?? I think. Homogenised though I think. But it's a cut above the average.


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        Schultz is another one that is used in quality cafes.


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          Jonesy's is available unhomogenised in 2 litre containers(green label). They seemed to have some trouble with their pasteurization last year when they scaled up production, but hopefully they've overcome that now.
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            I really appreciate the quick responses guys! Unfortunately, I have already spoken to Jonesy's and they said it would be a bit difficult. Still awaiting a response from Schulz, but fingers crossed. Thanks for the suggestion shortblackman, might have to check out the Pauls milk and see how it tastes and steams.


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              Good luck. Think I'll Have to make a special trip out there for a coffee & a bag of oranges!


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                  In a recent taste off between milk brands the two top contenders were Procal and Jonesy's.

                  Procal have their own distribution network but if you're off their map then they use Superior Food distributors.

                  Give the guys 'n gals at Procal a ring; they're really helpful.