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Milk just wont throth! Troubled.

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  • Milk just wont throth! Troubled.

    Ever wonder why you can't microfoam milk? Maybe this?

    After buying new commercial coffee machine happy as larry. But I couldn't find the sweet spot. Did some training with one drop of detergent trick but then it started to get worse and worse.
    Then suddenly I saw something I never encountered before on any machines I used in the past 10 years.

    Steam coming out from the top of nozzle!!!! I Tightened, changed O'ring, changed steam arm and nozzle, sealed it with liquid sealent (Bosten temp to 135) All failed. Only one hing left and that it to have it welded on. Before I do that I will attempt a different sealant LOCTITE but they have many differnt ones.

    Manufacture and distrubuters are all falling on deaf ears. Seems I am the only one with this problem. They don't belive I have the O'ring in place or have over tightened, but no! I've tried nitrate special O'rings and several supplied by retailer/distributor which different levels of gentle tightning till I wreck it. Me I am just perpexed at why an O'ring doesn't do the job it should as I see nothing wrong. If in fact it is true that I am the only one with this problem.

    Test by dipping covering the nozzle in plain water then take it out - emptying steam and watch if bubbles form over the top of nozzle. eg. In attached photo.
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    How about just using some teflon/plumbing tape?


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      Agreed with Freddo,

      Minidoos- In all likelihood, your machine should have an o-ring or teflon seal there. No deaf ears, simply something missing. As above, teflon will do the job unless a tip with an incorrect thread pitch.

      PS Let's keep CS a throth free zone :-P


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        The o-ring just fills the gap between two surfaces... if the o-ring isn't sealing have a look at each surface to see if there is a forming/casting error.

        Bosten temp to 135
        might not be high enough temperature resistance... think closer to 200 coming out of the steam arm.

        One of their products will work but I doubt it's food grade and certainly would be at least a little wary.

        Certainly closer to food safe and cheap enough to try!


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          three wraps of teflon on all but the first thread. nip it up til youre just past hand tight.



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            In applications where there is no o-ring seal and there is leakage up through the nozzle threads, I use a dab of Wurth Pipe Seal on the wand threads and screw the tip back on finger tight to work the Pipe Seal into the threads. It sets with heat, so doesn't ooze out or fail when the wand gets hot.