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Possible to get good soy milk froth with an automatic frother?

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  • Possible to get good soy milk froth with an automatic frother?

    I have an entry level Delonghi Dedica coffee machine. It has one of those automatic frothers.

    I've been practising quite a lot over the past few months, and can now make pretty good microfoam with it using cow's milk, resulting in a somewhat pleasing looking Latte.

    But no matter what I do, when it comes to soy, it always ends up over-aerated. So when I pour into the cup, I just have this big blob of froth floating to the top.

    Has anyone else had good results with an automatic frother and soy?

    I've also tried several soy milks, including Barista formulated milks, even the same one they use in my local cafe, but no luck.

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    Ages back, I found the thread below. it helped heaps to "get" the froth with soy correct.



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      Reading the instructions on the back of the bonsoy carton worked for me. That and the pouring from jug to jug trick before pouring out the latte.


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        Thanks, I have tried all the suggestions in that link, but I'm still ending with the same problem. I think there is just too much air going into the soy with the automatic frother and it's too short to be able to stop it. There is also very little rolling of the milk going on, no matter how I place the wand.

        The best thing I've found to do, is to use a spoon when pouring to stop the foam at the top from going into the cup, this helps somewhat.

        This is pretty much as good as I've gotten it, not bad for a noobie I think


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          I would so down that if you served it to me

          That is a beauty!