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Has anyone tried Inglenook Dairy milk?

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  • Has anyone tried Inglenook Dairy milk?

    I am currently located in SA and work exclusively with Tweedvale milk here. However, I am shortly going to be venturing East to start a new project in rural Victoria. Inglenook Dairy has just won a lot of awards recently, and I am considering using their milk. I have not been able to get my hands on any here in South Australia, so i was hoping if anyone that has, they could give me some feedback.. Eg; taste, frothing, latte art ability.]

    Thanks all

    TL;DR: Is it a good quality milk for coffee?

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    Taste is really good seems to froth well but I'm no latte artist sorry so can't comment there. I have to say tho For the price in rural Vic (I'm near ballan/Ballarat) I go with the sungold Jersey milk as it's about $1.50 less per 2lt bottle. Retail that is.


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      Thanks for the response, Luke. I have spoken to sungold, however they don't deliver to my area unfortunately.


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        I know a few of the better cafes in Ballarat use inglenook. They have just released a cream which people are raving about too. Good luck with the venture.


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          Fridge at home? Inglenook
          Cream at home? Inglenook
          Butter at home? Paula makes from Inglenook cream every fortnight or so.
          Fridge at the Snobbery? Inglenook although sometimes it's a bottle of "something" from the service station on the way into work.

          Their distribution and production are small so most places wouldn't work which is why they have a concentration around Ballarat and we have a few customers using it outside of there.

          We don't live far from the dairy so it works really well for us and their milk is stunning!


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            Has anyone tried Inglenook Dairy milk?

            We have moved to inglenook at all times too now. Especially since we have discovered we live under 5klms from the dairy low food miles there!! The cream is amazingly thick and good too


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              Just for info sake Andy, Inglenook have a coffee cart that they run at markets around the local area. They are now using my coffee on their cart, which vicariously means they are using CS beans happy days.