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Help! New breville bes870 won't foam milk!

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  • Help! New breville bes870 won't foam milk!

    Hello! Just brought a bes870 and the milk wand seems to be working, and I'm adding heaps of air yet when you go to pour it it's really flat! If I wanted to do cap it would be impossible! I can't even seem to do a late.. Anyone else have this problem with this machine? Or is this a fault??

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    Hi! If your machine is new and there's decent steam issuing from the wand you need to: 1) are you using good milk, e.g., whole milk as opposed to skim? 2) technique - sip the wand just under the surface so you hear a "ssssssstttt" noise and the milk swirls in a clockwise direction. There are many videos on texturing milk. YouTube has lots!


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      may be fault with your machine or technique. Go to 4mins onwards in this vid

      they dont seem to have any dramas in frothing and texturing milk, so I doubt there are generic issues with the bes870

      another good example here


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        Got my bse870 a few days before Christmas. Mine works just as it does in the video.