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Help- Microfoaming with LM GS3

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  • Help- Microfoaming with LM GS3

    Have just upgraded to a GS3 from an ECM Technica and having problems controlling the steam rate, the GS3 is so powerful compared to the ECM I am getting inconsistent results with milk, when the lever is pushed fully down the milk overheats within seconds, I have tried manipulating the lever but it is hard to get a consistent result. The current tip is a 4 hole, would a 2 hole tip make any difference?

    thanks in advance


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    It certainly will - I used a 1 hole on my old machine because we only textured enough milk for two small caps. The lever is tricky to use for small volumes of milk but I'm not familiar with the GS3. Chris @ Talk Coffee would know about tip choices for LM prosumer machines.


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      Hi Nolbee,

      It's technique you're chasing- not a new tip.

      I have had a GS3 for 5 years and can easily texture milk for a single drink. I do in fact have a 100ml jug I use at times.

      If you have some $$$ burning a hole, we have the Sproline Foam Knife steam tip | Talk Coffee for you...




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        +1 for the Sproline tip that Chris mentions, it's fantastic on the GS3.

        FWIW we only use the steam control fully on - i.e. we don't manipulate the position, just get that tip and let it rip.