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Expobar Minore IV - Micro Foam issues

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  • Expobar Minore IV - Micro Foam issues

    Hi Coffee Snobs,

    Long time reader first time poster.

    I recently bought a Expobar Minore IV and have been having some trouble getting a smooth, silky milk for lattes. Generally i am getting a far too bubbly foam with big bubbles right through that isn't really fixed by banging the jog on the counter top. OR i get not nearly enough foam when trying no to incorporate too much air...

    Yesterday i did an advanced Barista Course at Five Senses and had no trouble getting a perfect frothy, silky smooth milk. So i have been looking at the steam tip of the Synesso which i used at the barista course, it has 6 very fine holes whereas my Expobar at home only has 3 holes and they are much bigger...

    Could the steam tip be my issue, or should i keep practicing to find the sweet spot for getting a good silky foam?
    Does anyone know where to get a good quality steam tip with 4-6 very fine holes that fits a Expobar Minore IV???

    thanks guys and girls, any help would be awesome!

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    Hi there,

    I have the exact same machine and have to say I seemed to get it right pretty soon after getting my machine. I must say if you let your mind wander to much while doing it you can risk creating too many bubbles... there are many different techniques and there is no one set way to do it.

    I dont wish to change the subject, however can you tell me what milk you are using? I say this because there has been a few thread over the time about milk and which ones are best. Once again subject to a persons preference. I will say this though and i'm sure i'm not the only one who believes this. When ever it comes to summer, sometimes no matter what milk (some worse than others) you will get bubbles and i put this down to one of two things. change of pasture for the cows producing the milk, or more on the side how long has the milk been out in the heat during transport prior to making it to the shops?

    It coudl be a number of things, but this problem you are describing I have had in the last few weeks due to milk types i have tried or used.

    My personal preference is to use Sun gold gersey milk. Not available and most super markets in Melbourne but you can find it available at some independent super markets.

    good luck,



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      I'm using Pauls Farmhouse Gold but i am willing to test something different to see if it makes the difference.

      Funnily enough, Sungold Jersey Milk was the same milk used at the Five Senses Barista Course.... You don't work there do you?


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        After many trials with milk, I have to say my second option should I not be able to get the Sungold Jersey milk is the Farmhouse gold. Saying that the Gold can sometimes play up on me. I use to think its what i was doing but im pretty sure my way of foaming milk hasn't changed in a while. I dont work at Five Senses.

        Dont know where you are in Melbourne but send me an message and i can suggest if i know where you are.



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          I'm inner east area. I'll get the Sungold Jersey Milk and see how it goes.

          I just steamed some milk at work on an Isomac Tea and it was much better than at home on my Minore IV... Milk is the same. But the Steam tip is very different on the Isomac, only 2 holes but the tip is round whereas my Expobar Minore IV is pointy. Maybe i need to adjust my technique to suit the Minore???


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            The narrow valves and plumb runs to the valves of the Minore are the biggest limitation of the machine in my opinion. It's like big lungs and a decent mouth trying to breathe through a straw diameter windpipe and this makes the milk side of things a tad more challenging. It's effectively choked.

            A little pimping would improve this dramatically but would influence the bang for buck equation significantly in that valves and custom copper don't come cheaply...


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              Interesting! If i were to have the Valves replaced with something bigger how would i go about it? Who in Melbourne can do this, how long would it take and do you know what the cost would be?

              Experimenting this morning, i just can't find the sweet spot to get a good deep roll when texturing the milk. I'll keep trying to find it, i guess thats what i really need to do... Find the sweet spot/ correct technique for this particular machine.


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                The name's Bond, Rick Bond ;-)



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                  Originally posted by Talk_Coffee View Post
                  Just sent you an email


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                    Ok so does anybody know where I can get the Sungold Jersey Milk somewhere in the Inner East of Melbourne?

                    Also, I just purchased a new 4 hole steam tip for my Minore IV so i will experiment with this to see if it makes much difference. I like the shape of this tip better, it's round like many other machines i have used as opposed to the standard tip on the Minore IV which is pointy...

                    Also, - Rick aka >Talk_Coffee
                    I sent you an email regarding the mods to the steam boiler and Valves on my Minore IV machine. I haven't heard back and just want to check you received my email.


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                      How well did the round tip work?


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                        Make sure the farmhouse gold doesn't have the cream on top


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                          Talk coffee is Chris, Rick is some other guy that does awesome work with espresso machines.

                          I use whatever milk the wife brings home. Aldi or devondale or pura it all works for me in my giotto. Its a tools and technique thing not a milk thing.
                          Practice with the tools you have and if then you still can't get it right look at the more expensive options.
                          Once you've worked it out its not hard, can be challenging getting to that stage though.


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                            Any update on this? How'd the different tips go?


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                              I second the use the of Farmhouse gold but use the blue top not the gold top, my mileage is the gold is too creamy. I have tried Jersey and found the cream clumps sometimes. Up until recently I was using a Minore III with standard steam tip and had no issue getting great foam but found you had to be diligent in recycling your bubbles through the steam tip right up until 40c in order to get a nice foam then bury the tip to get a good roll to finish.

                              Btw you say you recently got your Minore so just a long shot, did you get it new or S/H? The reason I ask is I had an issue for a month or so getting good foam (as you are experiencing - big bubbles and collapsing foam) and thought maybe it was just the milk (change of seasons, grass etc) but then one day the machine started 'popping off' large blasts of steam from the pressure relief valve. Upon taking the machine in for a full service and repair, it was confirmed as the pressurestat having failed. Perhaps your pressurestat could be on the way out, I suspect that was why my foaming ability declined up until the pressurestat finally failed. But then I am no repairs expert but I am sure there are plenty on here that can confirm/deny.



                              Ahh....just noticed revived thread, so perhaps this might still help someone!