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Advice needed in regards to the purchase of a milk steamer for my specific purpose

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  • Advice needed in regards to the purchase of a milk steamer for my specific purpose

    Hey All,

    I've been doing some googling around trying to find some information in regards to a milk steamer/steam wand machine, and have found a few suggestions, but ultimately after stumbling onto this forum, I figured it was best to ask, as everyone here definitely seems knowledgeable and could offer some advice to my situation.

    Basically I'm looking for a milk steamer, in which I would brew chai tea leaves and milk. This probably sounds strange, but basically there's a store in which in my opinio make amazing Chai tea latte's and basically the method they use is the following: pour chai tea leaves into a metal jug, add the milk with a little bit of water, steam it with the steam wand attached to their coffee machine, pour it with a sifter and thats it. Now I've worked out what milk and brand of chai tea leaves they use, so I'm all set to do it at home, problem is I need a milk steamer/steam wand machine.

    From what I've researched, steam wand machines are way too expensive, but I did stumble onto the Bellman CX25 series, which I figured could do the trick? So I have a few questions:

    1) I couldn't find much info in regards to the differences from the CX25s, CX25P and CX25, but essentially I just want it to be able to steam my milk with the chai tea leaves in there and also just milk in general, which would you recommend that would be best for these purposes?
    2) Any other recommendations? In regards to difference machines or something along those lines? Bear in mind, I don't want to break the bank.
    3) My main concern is I'll buy one of these machines, and it won't work out the way they do it, possibly due to the steam wand not being powerful enough or something, excuse my ignorance but could this be a real possibility?
    4) Where would you recommend I buy it? For example I've seriously had trouble on google finding a local place that sells the Bellman stovetop steamer. I'm in Melbourne, Northern suburbs.

    Thanks in advance to any help answers, I do apologise that this isn't coffee related.

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    Use the quote form at the bottom of this page one or two of the site sponsors would contact you. Any of the 5/6 I've dealt with have been prompt / reliable / helpful.

    dont know anything about bellman steamers, but there are threads on it here which you've probably already seen.

    good luck with the chai!!

    Ps. I understand that the bellman is reliable, but there is technique in steaming milk too. Watch the YouTube.


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      It's fairly simple. The CX25S is a steamer only - it doesn't make coffee but should do what you have described.
      It is intended for someone who already has a coffee maker that does not steam milk.

      The CX25 makes coffee and steams, and the CX25P makes coffee, steams, and has a pressure gauge for better control.

      I have a CX25P and it steams better than some espresso machines I have used in the past. On an electric hotplate it can be a bit slow to heat up, but you can reduce the wait by filling with water from the hot tap. It works better on gas - heats faster and gives more control when it gets up to steam pressure.

      I bought mine online from a supplier who was a CS sponsor at the time. It is well built from good materials, and should last a long time with a little care.


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        I agree with deegee ^^^^ I use the CX25 camping (and at home when the powers out!) it has ample steaming ability! My wife drinks chai lattes (a sneaky blend i make at home from scratch) and it works great.


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          I started with a CX25 - plenty of steaming ability for milk for a single latte but started to slow down when doing milk for two. Still worked ok though. This was on gas, but my hottest, most appropriate element isn't that high powered. Quick calcs showed it to be the equivalent of around a 350W electric kettle @ 80% efficiency - about a sixth of the power of the typical electric kettle. I bought it from Sorrentina, but I did later see them on the shelf in DiBartoli (I appreciate both aren't local to you).

          Something I've always wondered how well it would work is one of those hand steam cleaners - search ebay for steamatey for example. I have one at home, I might try using it for tonight's latte.


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            Tried with the steam cleaner - had the camera set up but forgot to press record. Took about 20 seconds, about twice as fast as I remember the Bellman taking for the same quantity of milk. Wasted the first 5 seconds trying to position the nozzle right so didn't stretch as much as I'd like, but it's got potential, plus you can clean your equipment after with it.