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    Hi everyone. After 12 months of agonising over what machine to buy, I finally settled on a Lamarzocco. My GS3 arrived today and I am literally blown away by the strength of the steam when trying to stretch a small volume of milk. eg. Single latte or piccolo The unit came with a 4 hole wand tip but I was considering getting a 2 or 3 hole tip to better control the stretching. Any other suggestions or hints? Any know who stocks LM steam wand tips? Thanks. PS It's fantastic 😃

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    nice machine! Can you throttle the steam valve to reduce flow, this can help.

    re number of holes, dont forget to also take into account the size of the holes, the total area of all the holes has an effect on the steam flow.

    maybe you just need some practice and/or alter your technique?



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      Originally posted by rbk View Post
      I am literally blown away by the strength of the steam
      Try putting the tip in a jug of milk rather than standing directly in it's path


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        Congrats rbk,

        The stock tip is actually excellent, but it will take some getting used to. You could try something like a foam knife, but they come at a cost.



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          As Chris mention the stock tip gets a little getting used to especially if you have upgraded from a heat exchange machine.

          What I did with my GS3 when I first got mine was lower the temperature of the steam boiler so that the it sat roughly @1.2 -1.5 bar which made steaming small volumes of milk super easy.

          But believe me once you get used to the steaming power you're not going to go back!
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            Agree with above, reduce steam and its great in its stock form. I have a foam knife from a previous machine however never needed to try it out, should probably put it up for sale one of these days along with all these useless VST baskets


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              Thanks everyone. I'll have a fiddle with the steam boiler temp to drop the pressure a bit. I agree there is a learning curve with the new tip and extraordinary steam.

              My next project is all the programming functions eg. preinfusion, volumetric dosing etc. The instruction manual isn't the clearest I've ever seen. 😃


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                I much prefer rotary valves to toggles.

                With a toggle the steam is either off or full bore, with a valve its variable, allows more finesse.
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