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  • Latte Art Consistency

    Hey guys,

    Just got a few questions on latte art consistency, wondering if anyone has any particular methods they use to get consistent art every time.

    For myself, when doing tulips, I can get a decent tulip 80-90% of the time, every so often though I'll get quite a block-y one, as in it doesn't come out of the jug in that beautiful circular fashion. I can still pour the tulip but the first blob almost comes out as a square..
    So my question is, assuming perfectly steamed milk in the pitcher, is there anything that can affect how it comes out the jug?

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    A couple of things. Think about:
    1) Height of the jug
    2) Position in the cup
    3) The tilt of the cup
    4) The speed of the pour
    5) The angle of your cup in relation to the jug.

    For you, try tilting the cup more and getting the spout of the jug as close to the crema as possible when starting your design.



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      Thanks M.

      Mm I've noticed it mainly when splitting milk. Say on the third cup you're pouring, the blocky-ness will occur! But I tried some of the things you mentioned, today I had the first blob (of a 3rd of 4th cup split) come out blocky, I sped up the pour quite a bit and that seemed to remedy it..

      Will keep playing around with it!