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  • The Fattest Milk

    We used to have our own dairy cow a few years ago. It wasn't a big producer but we would get 3 or 4 litres a day, sometimes more, sometimes none, depending on the presence or absence of a calf. But as far as making a great coffee, nothing beats unhomogenised, unpasteurised, full cream milk. So rich, so creamy. Probably so unhealthy, but hey. Best coffee Ive ever made.

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    We stay on a dairy farm once a year and while there, collect fresh milk each morning. I often wondered what it would be like in coffee.

    On a side note, my wife recently bought home some Norco 'Barista' milk. I have no idea how, but it makes a difference to the texture and taste in a milk coffee. Anyone know why? I usually use a good full cream milk.


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      We used to buy a Norco milk called Cappuccino milk (or something like that). It had extra cream added. It also had extra $ added. I reckon the Barista milk does the same.


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        Pauls I think has a milk with extra cream added. Normal supermarket stuff or maybe iga only. Can't remember.


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          pauls farmhouse gold. Has the cream on top. just like i remember at school


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            Originally posted by Seth57 View Post
            Probably so unhealthy, but hey..
            The other way around mate