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Soy milk that doesn't curdle?

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    We use Vitasoy Original or Calci-plus, and like them both. I've never had them split, but like mentioned above, I roast past Pucker-face level to just before second crack, and don't overheat the milk (I go until the bottom of the jug is too hot to touch and then count to 7!). I've never had an issue …
    Cheers Matt


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      I have also used Vitasoy Calci plus and found it worked very well ( for a visitor) I took it 70deg without issues.


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        happy happy soy boy was at a sample and made a latte yesterday as I would with normal milk, and it was great. next to no curdling, and really creamy.


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          I get hit and miss curdling with bonsoy, might be that im heating it up a little too much. The taste is far superior to other soy tho.


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            At the risk of having people 'jump on me'. I find that the bog standard Aldi Soy Milk works really well for my morning coffee. If I don't steam the hell out of it I and even get a reasonable latte art product if I'm lucky.

            Those who like their milk coffee scalding, whatever the type of milk, deserve everything they get sorry. :-)


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              Hey, I only read the headline and I don’t really have the time to go through what everyone said but I used to have this issue, tried a lot of things and turns out it was as simple as getting a blend for milk coffees and leaving my single origin for black. I’d always used single for both.. using bonsoy as the milk aswell.

              tried a heap of things before this also (milk temp, fresh beans stale beans all kinds different techniques, pouring shot into the milk and steaming ahha heard and tried it all)

              was just a Simple switch of the beans! Using a blend from proud Mary!

              hope this helps ?