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  • Motta Jug

    As I only have a Piccolo I only need a small amount of milk so when I graduated to an e61 a got a 250ml jug from a kitchen shop.

    It only lasted two uses and the base popped out! I've been putting up with it, but it never really worked well to texture a small amount of milk.

    Received a 250ml Motta jug from a site sponsor yesterday, the difference is astounding. First use and I was texturing like a pro! Lovely fine foam and beautifully textured milk.

    Who would have thought a jug design could make so much difference. Viva la Motta

  • #2
    Mottas are a thing of beauty.
    I have a couple of 500ml ones and I love them.

    I have a couple of the knock offs too and I really like those as well.


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      I think I will get a 350ml and perhaps a 500ml as well for visitors.
      I might research these "knock-offs"


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        The knock offs are a sturdy jug too.
        I have room for both.


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          I have the 350 and 500 cheap versions, I find them really good, could not afford nor justify the badged Rocket (to match my set up) motta at 6 times the price. Was also tempted by the cheap Cafelat copies.