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To Froth Or Not To Froth

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  • To Froth Or Not To Froth

    Whilst sipping our regular end of day cappuccinos, my missus asks, 'What happened to the froth?' I proudly explained that after 10 years of steaming milk, I'd finally honed my technique to the point that I could produce micro foam without the froth. She then deflates me with, 'I liked it better with the froth.' Come to think of it, so did I.

    Ps I fear my chances of becoming a bona fide CS just took another dive.

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    Why not both? My wife and her sister love an extra dollop of froth on top.

    So, when steaming I put a little extra milk than necessary in the jug. Steam to produce lovely microfoam as per usual.

    Dump -- yes, dump it heavily, quickly -- onto the coffee in the latte glass. Forget gentleness for art work.

    Here we have a perfectly blended coffee a latte.

    About 12 mm of foam will rise to the top.

    That's how I make mine and everyone else's.

    But now, for wife and sister in law, that extra bit of milk I mentioned earlier is a thick chunk of froth which left in the jug, and I now pour on top of their drinks.

    They love it and understandably so...because the texture is appealing and because it is sweet.