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Correct my latte art technique

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    Everything looks fine... you just need to practice. Are on instagram? You can still see stuff even if you're not... search for @alanchancoffee and watch the videos closely.

    Speed, timing, placement and volume relative to push are all very evident.


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      A few things.
      When filling the cup I’d suggest larger circulations. At 46sec you can see the crema has pulled away from the cup. It gets drawn to the milk as you fill, especially if you stay still.

      Also seems that you are tilting either the cup or the milk jug away from your body. Lopsided top heart (consistently) points to this. Try rotating the handle of the jug back to your body about a centimetre and try again.

      And lastly. The second one was too full ��

      Good starting point though, you will find a cup like the loveramic ones (bowl shape) easier to pour into over the glass.
      Keep up posted on progress, be patient (I know baristas who never get past this point) and seriously once you have a tulip, heart & Rosetta, progress through swans. A good foundation. Then once to can get 5 Rosetta’s in a cup you should be able to pour most things with some practice and placement


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        Thanks Ronin, I'll try to incorporate circulations.
        Didn't realise I was tilting the cup/jug away from body, good pickup, I wondered why my heart was lopsided.

        Here's a video of this morning's pour incorporating your tips -

        Will try get a bigger cup to practice with this weekend.


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          Nice one
          Nice improvement


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            Your ECM steams milk so much faster than my Profitec 500.