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Bluetooth “BBQ Thermometer” works great!

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  • Bluetooth “BBQ Thermometer” works great!

    Hi guys and gals, have any of you got one of these for cooking? I recently purchased one, it’s a Inkbird IBT-2X which cost just under $40. It pairs to the app on the phone, and you get near-instant temp readout in nice big easy to read numbers on your phone screen! I was just getting a little sick of how bulky my digital probe thermometer is in the jug, and I had to twist my head to the side to see the display, and it reads out temps about 8-10° slower than real time. I tried the Bluetooth one and found that it’s much closer to instant than I ever thought it would be! I shut off the steam at 65° and it comes up to just 67° and stops! Before, with the other thermometer I was stopping at 60° and it would hit 70° after 10 more seconds. So I set up my milk jug leaning back on the steam wand so that the tip is just touching the surface of the milk, The Inkbird is also great for other non-coffee related things like doing meats in the oven of course which I got it for. It really takes cooking to a new level, going by time alone is too imprecise for me!

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    Yes! I have one.

    I’m trying this out tomorrow! (Before the roast pork)


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      Yeah, I use an iGrill Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer for my coffee roasting. Easy to connect and see what's happening and I can export the data to CSV.
      I also use it for roasting in the Weber. Fantastic to be able to sit in the lounge room and see what the roast is doing in the BBQ


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        Yeah, I use a flame boss, still spins me out I can control the temp on my bge while at bunnngs or wherever.


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          Wondering about using these B/T thermometers in the coffee roaster. so igrill can be exported to CSV wonder about the other brand.


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            It will work if you just want to measure the internal chamber temp but if you want to measure bean temp you need one that you can bend in an arc so the tip finishes in the bean mass.