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Courses for steaming milk/latte art?

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  • Courses for steaming milk/latte art?

    Over the last few months, I feel like I've gotten reasonably good at pulling a decent shot. But seemingly no matter how many YouTube videos I watch, change the angle of the steaming wand, make the kissing sound, watch the temperature of my milk with a thermometer, I can't seem to get a consistent microfoam.

    A shot seems so much easier as its just trial and error each day to dial it in whereas microfoam seems to be all about "feel".

    Any recommendations for a place to learn in Melbourne (obviously after Lockdown 4.0).

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    I went to The Espresso School earlier this year and it was pretty good.


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      Commenting to follow coming recommendations. This is something I'd be interested in as well.


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        I hesitate to even reply to comments about steaming milk, it's been covered over and over again on this forum.

        There's nothing difficult or magical about the process.

        If you have a machine that is capable of producing reasonable amounts of dry steam with a little practice using good quality cows milk, there shouldn't be anything preventing you from producing good micro foam.

        There is an entire forum right here on Coffee Snobs devoted entirely to the subject

        Practice, the process is simple and easily achievable.?


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          What machine do you have?
          What sort of steam wand?
          How many holes in it?
          If you have a plastic sleeve (panarello) over the tip, you are fighting a losing battle.