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Re: We know you like coffee, but what else?

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  • Re: We know you like coffee, but what else?


    Got to get the old grey cells moving now . I never focussed on one particular activity as such, more a case of trying to squeeze in as much as I could in the time available.... Activities included, in no particular order of preference:

    Riding and Tweaking lots of Motorbikes over the years, did all my own servicing, tuning and repairs...
    Flying and working on older small aircraft such as Cessna 172, Piper Comanche 250 and a Beechcraft Bonanza C-35...
    Swimming and Diving, mainly Free Diving as never became comfortable using Aqualung, etc...
    Bushwalking, trail riding and a bit of exploring in remote parts of PNG and the Solomons (British Solomons as it was then)...
    Target Shooting, Ballistics and home Reloading of Ammo...
    Building and flying Radio Control scale aircraft, the largest being a 1/3 Scale Cristen Eagle. Most of these were powered typically with Chainsaw Petrol Engines, etc.....
    Very keen amateur photographer, that kind of went hand in hand with the Bushwalking, etc...
    Boating and Fishing, mainly offshore and fishing for various Pelagic Species (tag and release).....
    Managed to squeeze in some time here and there helping friends with a Dragster in the late 60s to early 70s, lotsa fun.... 8-)
    As much as was physically and practically possible, involved my family in as many aspects of all of the above ....

    Naturally, coffee played a significant role in all of the above right from a very early age :,


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    Re: We know you like coffee, but what else?

    My other main passion is photography ... I am still very much learning - only just worked out how to use my camera in manual mode, and have just bought myself an ultra wide zoom lens that I absolutely love.

    One day I will have my routine down pat enough to photograph a god shot!!


    eta ... I also like travelling - although havent done any major travel for about 3 years now. It seems I just like to plan holidays - have planned many and varied trips that for various reasons (that include two children) havent happened. At the moment gearing up to go to NZ next year.

    Food is another passion - trying lots of new and exciting dishes (another good reason to travel!) It seems our life has a theme of Good food - Good wine - good friends (now add to it good coffee).


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      Re: We know you like coffee, but what else?

      Crikey Mal I feel like a lazy slob compared to you.

      Ive only just rediscovered my Xbox and Halo so Im wasting away hours zapping aliens as well at the moment. Other than that Im keen on anything aviation related. I love the smell of Avtur in the morning! With a house that needs fixing up and two youngns its hard to find time for much else.


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        Re: We know you like coffee, but what else?

        Originally posted by Matt G link=1177400193/0#3 date=1177407838
        Crikey Mal I feel like a lazy slob compared to you.
        I dont know about that Matt, have always had a sense of time marching on and the need to make the most of what was allotted to us, thats all really.

        Originally posted by Matt G link=1177400193/0#3 date=1177407838
        With a house that needs fixing up and two youngns its hard to find time for much else.
        Yep, know what thats like too mate , once the offspring were old enough, tried to involve them in everything that was going on including house maintenance, etc... Lot of fun (sometimes a lot of jobs that needed to be done twice too but was all part of the joy). Its funny how things turn out though, our youngest son, who when he was very young, insisted on tagging along with me absolutely everywhere and being involved in what ever I was doing.... Our older son on the other hand, was much more focussed on doing things by himself with Lego, Technik or pulling apart Mums sewing machine to see how it worked :. If there was a chance of swimming in the offing though, hed be there with togs and towel in a flash ;D.
        Now though, our youngest is more introspective and into philosophical interests with a side interest in restoring old cars (not vintage). Our eldest is in the RAAF as an Avionics Tech looking after a crew that maintains a squadron of our current fighter-trainers and soon to switch over to the Super-Hornets when they land on our shores.

        Life is interesting, no doubt about it



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          Re: We know you like coffee, but what else?

          Besides work, I have a passion for Japanese animation or anime. I spend alot of time after work or on the weekend with my feet up (because I am on them all day! 5 days a week!!) with a home made coffee, indulging in a wind-down time of my own. I go to Anime conventions when they are on in Melbourne, and catch up with the "nerds" like myself when I can.

          The other part. I am in the process at the moment with my other half, building a kit Ultralight...a Jabiru J160. (This is his hobby, as he is the pilot...I am just the navigator) This has been a 2 year project so far, and it isnt that far off from completion. Due to work committments on his half, (he does airconditioning in cars, trucks etc during the warmer months) this project has taken a little while longer than anticipated.

          Oh...I also LOVE any PC or Xbox games to do with fantasy/scifi etc.


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            Re: We know you like coffee, but what else?

            Damn, too many other passions with not enough money or time to support them fully

            so for me they are in no particular order

            Home audio and home theatre, we just built a new house with a dedictaed room, i dont even want to calculate the cost of all the equipment in there as the wife may be reading this and my life is over

            Cars, i am a WRX man and have now owned 3 of them, looking for my 4th one as i just sold my last one 6 months ago, but i hate the 06, 07 and when i saw the 08 i felt subaru have lost the plot, so now i may jump to the dark side and get a mitsubishi evo or maybe a golf R32

            Photography, also still learning, bought my first digital slr last year along with 3 half decent lenses.


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              Re: We know you like coffee, but what else?

              * I got my first camera for my 12th birthday and still like taking the odd snap on my first digital camera, which I purchased AFTER my trip to Europe because I could not make up my mind in time about what I wanted and how Id store all the photos.

              I still havent upgraded but it would have been good to have finished my research and chosen a camera and solve the storage problem, because my wife ended up taking over 700 shots on 35mm.

              * Ive been doing karate for 32 years now.
              I teach twice a week and the only time Ive had off was the two months for the said European trip and three months recovering from my brain surgery (though I did show up and watch a bit when I could walk again).

              * Another passion is an online browser based building / war game I play.
              Ive been playing now for 4 1/2 years and like it so much I now own a share.

              * Then about a year ago I got into this caper.


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                Re: We know you like coffee, but what else?

                I spend most of the day chasing after two small children (2 months and 21 months), so not heaps of time, but Im considering becoming a chocolate snob... We visited Monsieur Truffes chocolate stall at the Prahran Market when we were in Melbourne recently, and came home with 64% cocoa mass from three different origins: PNG, Madagascar and Peru, as well as some 100% Venezualan (which is just INSANE so Im thinking I might just melt it down into a very rich hot chocolate). It was amazing the different flavours that came across in the SOs- just like coffees!! So I think thatd be another very pleasant hobby, especially if we get some cocoa beans happening on BeanBay.

                My husband is a wannabe-chef masquerading as a science teacher; as he really loves to cook, Im really quite spoilt with all types of interesting and tasty dishes. Hes also just developing an interest in red wine, but I cant join in with that til our little guy is no longer breast-feeding.

                Other than that, I used to race Flying 11s, and 29ers (smallish sailing boats), and really miss that. Im hoping my daughter will get into Sabots (really small sailing boats) when shes a bit older, and then well have lots of fun traipsing up and down the coast to regattas etc. (and thats when well need a Presso + spare grinder for the car boot!)


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                  Re: We know you like coffee, but what else?

                  I used to bowl (tenpin). I used to play golf. I used to MUD (text-based RPG, way before any MMORPG). I used to play paper and dice RPGs also. Im a real hockey fan, but its hard to follow the season when the games arent on (not having pay TV doesnt help). I used to go camping and fishing a lot (at least before I moved to Oz).

                  My whole life is filled with used to dos. The only thing I currently pursue is coffee. How boring am i?

                  Im also fond of European power metal.


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                    Re: We know you like coffee, but what else?

                    Oh man where do I start?!

                    /me tries to remember all the stuff hes been into over the years...

                    Well I suppose I can start with what I can see from where Im sitting. Electronics. Lots and lots of electronics. I started with building crystal radios and then got into HAM radio (Experts License), then high end audiophile systems, and then into computers.

                    Next on the hit parade in the dungeon here would be letterpress printing. I got into it as a hobby and ended up putting together an entire printshop (and then some!) over several years which eventually included 6 presses, including 2 multi-ton auto-fed Kluges, with many tons of other associated equipment all of which I tore down completely and refurbed upon aquiring. The final tally ended up somewhere in the neighborhood of 30,000kg of printshop stuff.

                    I like to build stuff. I built the basement level addition that Im sitting in some 13 years ago to house the 2 biggest presses which were dropped in by a crane prior my constructing the roof. Ive torn out 5 generations of wiring in my house and rewired the entire place including LAN and CATV connections in every room. Im currently in the process of rebuilding my bathrooms with the lathe and plaster all removed down to the studs to be replaced with sheetrock and ceramic tile. Ive ripped out the entire 100 year old water lines and replaced them all with PEX (Remind me again why I find this fun?!).

                    I made an organic vegi garden with imported dirt (I live in the heart of a major city next the main freeway and didnt trust the soil) which Ive maintained as organic now for 20 years. I grow utililizing the French Intensive cultivation method. My hobby of researching hydroponics led me into doing the behind the scenes R&D into hydroponics for Honeywell on a project that ended up being the launching pad that brought hydroponics into the public awareness here in the US back in the early 80s.

                    Once upon a time I raced dirt track and was big into motorcycles (my brother set a new world record for top end [117.62 mph as I recall] on a street legal Hog in the 1/8th mile at the Spring Nationals some years back).

                    While I got paid to work in the R&D lab that produced the circuit boards for the first Space Shuttle it was to me just a way to get paid for working on my hobbies. Electronics and space. I started the Minnesota chapter of the L5 Society out of my apartment back in the 70s with a friend and gave presentations on space at local schools as well as wrote papers on the exploration, industrialization, and colonization of space.

                    I came up with a line of bookplates and art prints oriented to the Science Fiction community which I produced by hand in my printshop and sold at SF conventions here and in Canada. It made for a great excsue to write off all the travel expenses for attending the conventions as a business expense. As you might surmise from that Im also into SF and have amassed quite the collection of books over the years, roughly 5,000.

                    I love cooking and for a while ran a gourmet catering service out of my home. I also collect cookbooks which now number somewhere around three or four hundred and date back to the middle of the 1800s.

                    Over the years Ive been into collecting a wide variety of other things such as pocketwatches, pocket knives, Pez dispensors, salt & pepper shakers, pens, rocks & crystals, 3D jigsaw puzzles, wood boxes, and one of my favorites, small tins.

                    Im also into hunting and long range target shooting (I tied the range record on the 500 yard range at the USMCs Camp Pendleton in 1976 with a 247/250) along with doing my own reloading. My current favorite weapon is my Browning A-Bolt in 7mm Rem Mag which got me a deer at 685 yards a few years back with a snap shot that hit an inch away from my aim point in poor light and falling snow.

                    Im big into computers and have rebuilt computers and donated them to a local organization dedicated to getting homebound people on-line. Ive also volunteered my time to help get schools wired and connected to the internet when the local school board wouldnt pay for it. Ive been big into the social networking aspects of computers and helped admin the biggest live chat BBS (Bulletin Board System) in the Midwest prior to the advent of the internet and sites such as this since the internet exploded onto the scene in the early 90s.

                    Science, history psychology, and socialogy have always facinated me with many books having been consumed on the topics over the years.

                    Its always been a dream of mine to sail the world and over the last 3 years Ive been digging into it in more depth with an eye to retiring to a sailboat and sailing away into the sunset sometime in the next couple of years.

                    Lets see, what else. Camping, hiking, biking (off-road, racing, and long distance touring), archery, scuba diving, skydiving, bowling, woodworking and of course raising my kid.

                    Hhmmm....I think that about covers it although Im probably forgetting a few things. ;D

                    Java "Gotta love a good hobby!" phile
                    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                      Re: We know you like coffee, but what else?

                      Well at 62 Ive been there and tried that on many different things, but now that Ive retired Ive settled down to my woodwork hobby, looking after my Bonsai, fishing, and continuing my 27 year passion for making Sourdough Bread.
                      On a final note, since finding this forum it would appear that I may be going down the coffee path if I can get the Ministry of Finance to release some funds.


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                        Re: We know you like coffee, but what else?

                        SLR photography, especially at weddings

                        SCUBA diving (only when the waters are warmer)

                        Four wheel driving and camping (Land Rover enthusiast)

                        Home theatre movies

                        Gardening and general cleaning up the house (I try to be neat)


                        Thats it, I think!  


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                          Re: We know you like coffee, but what else?

                          I was a computer network engineer in a previous life, so like every other geek or ex geek I have 8 or 9 computers at home and enjoy tweeking.

                          Love the hard rubbish throw out, always manage to add a computer or two too the collection, some people throw out some good stuff. I normally do them up a bit and give them away to those less fortunate.

                          Very rewarding


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                            Re: We know you like coffee, but what else?

                            I was the President of the Vic Mazda MX-5 Club for a couple of years, that was a pretty serious hobby. Motorsport track days, running motorkhana and driver training events, and all sorts of social stuff. Gave the car up when I moved to NZ.

                            I used to enjoy a bit of SLR photography but with the cost and progress rate of digital at the moment I havent invested much. Still like visualising and framing a good shot with my cheapie. you can see some pics at my blog.

                            Im kind of hobbyless at the moment... Id like to get into heaps, but time and money...


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                              Re: We know you like coffee, but what else?

                              You mean we can like other things than coffee?