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Everyone has one..a great day of learning!!

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  • Everyone has one..a great day of learning!!

    An opinion that is! And I now would like to call upon you to share your opinion with me on the following;

    In my quest to continue the coffee education of our small yet wonderful community here in the bush, I will soon be running a day of home coffee machine training. So far I have come up with a programme (so that I can be sure to cover as much as possible in the time frame weve given ourselves.)

    I will be running three two hour courses in the day (yep, its a marathon as well, did I mention that!? ) and there will only be six people at each course. And I have tried to theme each one, ie Breakfast, Afternoon Tea and Supper, so that I can also include food (why the heck not!) and show folks what coffee can also complement in their homes.

    Just as you know, I do all this gratis as it is my way of "paying it forward" to the folk of this town who have supported me through the past seven months especially. Even the coffee appreciation course was only a gold coin donation towards the cost of the food that folk had at the bakery where we did it.

    Anyway, my programme so far...

    1. Set up and warming up of machines. This is where Ill discuss why its important to have everything warm etc.

    2. Naming of various parts of the machines and how the machine brews coffee.

    3. Grinders and the importance of correct grind.

    4. Brewing Technique. Dosing and tamping to get the perfect extraction. What is the perfect extraction and what should it look like.

    5. Milk! And frothing techniques.

    6. Clean your machine! Or "Cleanliness is next to God-Shot-ness!!

    I would really love some constructive imput here, folks as I know what I want to say, but I should also know what I should say! And seeing as I do think highly of many of your opinions I will appreciate your thoughts immensly.

    Also, I want to get some Brown Bay beans and seeing that I know nothing about any of those on offer, would any of you like to suggest either which one to get or even ones to get and blend together!?

    A big ask, I know. But I know that youre all up for the task!

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    Re: Everyone has one...


    I think the programme list looks good.
    I for one wont be suggesting what to say as I think youll do OK there.

    I will though offer to donate 500g of Brown Bay beans to the cause.
    And as I have to pay $10 shipping anyway, maybe Andy could combine similar donations into the same satchel until its full (hint, hint to everyone else to donate as well).

    Maybe to make it easy on Andy I can send you the money scoots and you can order in one go.


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      Re: Everyone has one...


      I like your style. The only item I would suggest including is the importance of fresh beans and what a difference they can make to the home brew experience. If you were to keep an older bag of beans for comparison it might sink in. I did a home machine course a few years ago and thought it was great. The biggest thing I remember though is the instructor handed around a container of whole roasted beans and asked us to smell them. We all agreed they smelt great. Then she handed around a container of fresh beans and the difference was amazing. By comparison the old ones then smelt stale, like an old cigarette butt.




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        Re: Everyone has one...

        May I suggest that practice makes perfect, that it does take a while to get it right, and understanding your machine and what makes it different to another machine.


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          Re: Everyone has one...

          Hiya Scoota,

          I definitely agree with what Matt suggested re: difference between fresh roasted and stale beans, its a real eye (or nose?)-opener (peew!!)

          At a home-barista course I recently sat, we also compared Robusta and Arabica beans (both recently roasted) and were amazed at the difference there too.

          We spent a little time handling green beans and also talking a little about the changes to the bean during the roasting process... and of course, no coffee course would be complete without a little coffee mythology / history of Aldi and hist "frisky goats"!!!




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            Re: Everyone has one...

            Hiya Scoota - sounds like a very full program. Can I humbly suggest that it might be best to devote the most of whatever time you have, to whatever you and the participants feel will make the biggest difference.

            Im sure that it will be a raging success!


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              Re: Everyone has one...

              Guys, thanks for the feedback so far!

              TG, your generosity knows no bounds! You have got a great big heart, Im sure of it. Thank you for your kind and generous offer but I have already been well looked after with beans! Maybe you can shout me a coffee when I get to Sydney soon!

              Matt! Thats a great idea, Ive jotted that one down. One of the things that is terribly important for sure. Fresh versus stale now covered!

              Hmm, Sam, Ive got some green beans lying round here somewhere. Could also be good to let folks see how they look before roasting!

              Lucinda, I will be including what youve said too. Im a great proponent of practice makes perfect! And I think too that that will be a good thing doing this sort of course as people will get to see different machines getting used and the results that they can produce.

              Dennis, I do like to be flexible too and will see where everyone is at. Its good to have a bit of an outline to see what you can cover and get through. I dont want to go too fast and I think I have a bit of an idea of where most of these people will be at. Mostly, were talking complete novices who will probably look at me funny when I start talking about tampers and portafillers!

              Thanks again folks. I really have appreciated your input so far! Keep it coming!


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                Re: Everyone has one...

                Originally posted by scoota gal link=1180834739/0#6 date=1180943402
                Maybe you can shout me a coffee when I get to Sydney soon!
                No worries.


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                  Re: Everyone has one...

                  Given that youll hopefully inspire some people to purchase a machine, perhaps you could include something on the differences between boiler, hx and thermoblock, and some of the pros and cons between low and high end machines.

                  Have fun with this Scoota - if you can present as fluently as you post here, youl have no trouble keeping people interested.


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                    Re: Everyone has one...


                    the ethopian limmu is a fantastic SO IMO. Apricot/choclate flavours depending on the roast profile & age, thick & viscious body with a seductively smooth finish.. carries well in milk, which is what I assume most of the drinks you make will be. Not a tricky SO to pour either.

                    Depending on the quality of the browns I have coming, Ill most likely buy more limmu if its still there as its one of my favourite SOs.


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                      Re: Everyone has one...

                      Well, one session down and two to go!

                      So far so good! Comments like "Well, now I have to forget all the stuff I thought I knew about coffee!!" and "Where can I buy fresh beans rather than supermarket ones?" (Insert big plug for Coffeesnobs right here! ;D) And "So I should buy a good grinder first and have plunger coffee until I can afford the machine." were all the sort of things that the first group said.

                      And they also were treated to Bircher muesli, my special honey, pistachio and greek yoghurt delight, fresh croissants (from my work of course!) stuffed with ham, cheese and tomato. Thankfully the first group made the wise decision to refrain from having breakfast before arriving at my place. They know how I can cater!

                      Yes, Ive got some photos. I will be sure to post some soon!

                      Thanks again guys, your advice and support is spilling over into the real world here! 8-)


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                        Re: Everyone has one...

                        Sounds like a great time was had by all there Scoots with some great coffee educating being done and the ranks of CS swelled by a few more.

                        java "Were taking over the world, one cup at a time!" phile
                        Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                          Re: Everyone has one..a great day of learning!!

                          Here are some pics I took of the first session yesterday. And no I am not in them, Im behind the camera!!

                          Breakfast was enjoyed first!

                          Miss Silvia has some visitors!

                          From green to brown. And a nice plug for Coffeesnobs!