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  • Hello from a new snob!


    Having been lurking for a few weeks, I thought I would introduce myself

    I live in Perth but was born and raised in France. So not surprisingly I like all things to do with food and drink! I have always appreciated good coffee when I stumbled upon it (I like it pure, no milk or sugar), but never really looked for it especially (probably too busy looking for wine, I guess ;-).

    I discovered this site a month or so ago, and ordered the sampler pack.

    My first few roasts took place in a wok, and so turned out quite uneven. I could tell though that there was potential, as the first brews I made with the results definitely impressed me nonetheless.

    I then switched to a cast iron pan (a Le Creuset, inherited from my great Granny). That did help a bit, but still the only bean I could get an even roast with was the Brazilian peaberry.

    I finally took "the plunge" ;-) 2 weeks ago and purchased a hot air popper... Whoah! The results were out of this world (well for me anyway ;-). I found the whole process of roasting quite easy and captivating as well.

    I went on a roasting frenzy, experimenting with various roast levels, and have only got a bit of Rwandan robusta left. I shared some of the roasted beans with my coffee loving friends who were also quite impressed.

    I must say I am hooked! There is no way I will ever purchase pre-roasted beans again (or even worse pre-ground)!

    My favourites so far (out of the few I got) have been the Indian Tiger Mountain (roasted to begining of 2nd crack), and Brazilian Peaberry (well into 2nd).

    I was busy on the Bean Bay last night I am looking forward to trying some Yemen Ismail (which I am told is out of this world?) and Ethiopian Harar, as well as more Tiger Mountain (my wife and I both love it). A few of my friends, some of whom pay big bucks for freshly roasted beans, have also expressed an interested in purchasing coffee from me. I think I might refer them to this place, as I do not have the time required to fullfill their needs with my 120g batch facility ;-)

    Anyway enough ranting...

    I just wanted to thank you all for sharing your passion and knowledge, and especially Andy for all his dedication.

    All the best,


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    Re: Hello from a new snob!

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs joolz.

    Your English is excellent; so much better than my French.

    Im glad youre enjoying the journey.

    Once you get bored with the popper (I did eventually) you might move on to a heat gun with a bowl or converted breadmaker machine.
    They will give you bigger batches.

    I only use 250g a week and do that in one go very easily.
    Some people here do much more than that at once.

    Encore, bienvenue.


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      Re: Hello from a new snob!

      welcome to coffee snobs joolz

      The support and help from everyone at coffee snobs is awesome as thundergod said enjoy the journey its a whole new experience.

      cheers podd66


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        Re: Hello from a new snob!


        Bonjour, bienvenue à CoffeeSnobs.....

        Yep, you cant beat freshly roasted beans..... and a popper is a great way to start.

        Before long we will have you converted to a bread maker and heat gun.... and 600+ grams in each roast (if you need that much).

        Appréciez votre voyage dans le grand café....

        or at least I think that means- "enjoy your journey into great coffee"


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          Re: Hello from a new snob!

          Welcome to the exclusive world of Perth Coffee Snobs (as well as coffee snobs in general).

          Wok to cast iron to popper - you are following an honourable path that several of us have also trodden.

          I can see a breadmaker and heat gun in your future!