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Farewell to the west

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  • Farewell to the west

    Au revoir, Sandy Snobs!

    Ive been over here since the start of 07, but as many of you would know Ill be living back in Adelaide from 3 July onwards.

    Its been great to meet many of you at Epic and discuss all things coffee and tampers with you all. Ive had a fantastic time over here and at Epic learning so much about coffee, and the time has certainly been profitable as forthcoming products will hopefully attest, but the time has come to revert to a more normal mode of life.

    Look forward to catching up with you on our regular visits back to the Land of Sand!


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    Re: Farewell to the west


    All the best for your return to Adelaide..... and Ill bet you are "crowing" all the way ;D ;D

    WA has benefited from your visit (as have I) now that the production arm of Pullman Tampers is located in the West.

    I, and Im sure the rest of the Snob community over here, look forward to catching up with you over a coffee on your future visits to Perth.

    Goodbye and Good Luck!!


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      Re: Farewell to the west

      A little birdie told me this was on the cards.

      So does that mean we will be seeing you at SC for this months Beanbay pickup Greg?


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        Re: Farewell to the west

        Well see. I have to order some greens to make it worthwhile first of all! But Ill be round the place.