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    anybody know the best way to do hot chocolates at a cafe.. is it better to pre-combine the chocolate powder with water? or do you waste more that way??
    what is the best hot chocolate to use ??

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    Re: Hot Chocolate...

    Gday and welcome to coffee snobs !

    Currently i am using African red drinking chocolate it is sensational,

    As for how?

    Personally I prefer to add it to the milk in my jug(on top not first before the milk)

    some say this is messy but i dont find this to be so, I do not use water.

    Then heat as you would normally it blends the chocolate into a delightfully

    creamy,silky, taste sensation!

    Use 3 t-spoons per 8oz take away cup 2 is ample for a standard cap cup.

    I have only been using this choc for a couple of weeks and have had more feedback

    on how good it is than in the past 5 years using a coffee company blend.


    pm sent.