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  • Thundergods op

    To satisfy Robustos curiosity heres the story.

    Rumour had it that as an auditor I was going soft in my old age an so went in for a lobotomy.

    Truth is though that I suddenly went deaf in one ear December 2005.
    Luckily for me, as all the specialists were booked out, my daughter found me a cancellation at a nearby specialist and I went to find out was was wrong.

    He said I probably had "Sudden Unexplained Hearing Loss".
    How many years of med school for that one?
    Odds: 1/3 recover fully; 1/3 recover partially; 1/3 no recovery.

    He prescribed some steroids. No guarantees (more guessing).
    There did seem to be some slight improvement after I stopped taking them. Strange.

    He also said hed like me to do undergo an MRI scan just in case it was one of those long shot cases of a tumour.


    You guessed it. A tumour.
    Official name = Acoustic Neuroma

    Its a tumour on the hearing nerve. Usually benign.

    Best way to deal with it is to remove the nerve as by the time they are noticed its the best way to get the lot.

    Unfortunately that means losing your hearing in that ear.
    On the plus side though, if they grow fast instead of their usual slow, they can press on the brain stem and, whats that other medical term...."kill you".

    So no choice...operation.
    Not good for one used to control.

    24 hours in intensive care.
    6 more days in hospital.
    3 months learning to walk without falling over (same nerve does your balance).

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    Re: Thundergods op

    Glad you came out of it unscathed TG. An acoustic neuroma is a horrible thing.

    I know the condition. It killed my father.

    It began with hearing loss in one ear, progressed to loss of balance, vomiting, loss of weight.... while idiot doctors suggested it was normal, symptomatic for his age.

    Finally, and only after I became abusive of doctors urging them to do something as he wasted away, he was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with the acoustic neuroma.

    As you know, it is a tumour which grows behind the hear, on the nerve supply to the face.

    The operation damaged those nerves so half his face was paralyzed, he could not blink so one eyelid was stiched shut so the eye would not dry out. He could no longer speak properly.

    He could not swallow, so to prevent food going into his lungs, liquid food was pumped into his stomach through a tube over several hours each day-- no tasting food again.

    Ironically, he missed the taste of espresso... I suggested he just swish some in his mouth and then spit it out....but he declined, saying the temptation to try to swallow would be too great. What amazing discipline the poor man exhibited.

    Awful. Just awful. An agonising year before the tumor re-grew and became inoperable.

    The uncomplaining strength he showed during that time makes most of us feeble weaklings by comparison.

    Yes TG, I am so glad yours went OK - but I would not hesitate to have follow up MRI scans to ensure it remains that way.



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      Re: Thundergods op

      Yes TG, I am so glad yours went OK -
      i second that!!

      but I would not hesitate to have follow up MRI scans to ensure it remains that way.
      i second that, with emphasis!!



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        Re: Thundergods op

        Thanks for that report on your father Robusto.
        It must have been a tad difficult to write.
        My condolences.

        It makes me feel better that I didnt hesitate (much) to proceed with the operation.
        I did get the Charity Shield league match between my beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs and those St George dragons out of the way first though.

        The research I did at the time suggests there are two top doctors in the field.
        One is in the USA the other is here in Sydney.
        I got him.
        (From what I read hes the better of the two but being an Aussie I might be biased.)

        Lizzi thanks also.


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          Re: Thundergods op

          TG be sure to get that MRI, I for one enjoy your posts, and look forward to them, especially the ones where I reply to something I have no idae about. Whilst on that subject, you girls get that yukky test done, I lost a sister to it and nearly lost a partner.
          Do the tests, Rob mate dunno what to say but sorry to hear that.
          And TG, the Rabbitohs will win the Premiership one day and when they do Im colouring abbey in red n green!
          Stay alive ppl, there are plenty of idiots like me that are in dire need of your help and experience.
          Think that made sense.


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            Re: Thundergods op

            Robusto, it must have been so frustrating to see that something was obviously wrong with your father and have it ignored by the doctors. The one time I was able to force my mother to a doctor (she was clearly losing the plot and died a month later of brain tumours following successful treatment for lung cancer) the doctor treated me as though I was trying to gain control of her estate which was laughable - estate??? Shed spent everything she had raising her three children. It sounds as though your father could have been helped if hed been taken seriously when he first went to the doctor, which probably wouldnt have been the case with my mother.

            TG, I guess falling over a few times isnt as bad as the alternative, and yes, make sure you get the followup checks.

            Sullo, Im sorry to hear about your sister, that test isnt pleasant but its sure saved some lives.


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              Re: Thundergods op

              How did it affect your Karate TG?

              I used to have an instructor who only had one eye.

              Made no difference to him. He still manages to wipe the floor with everyone. I have personally been on the recieving end of some very tricky moves....


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                Re: Thundergods op


                TG: Reading through your post I thought did was going to be one of those "stupid doctors dont know anything and I healed myself with parsley" stories. Unfortunately this one has a different ending.

                Im really sorry to hear that you are having health problems and I hope you recover soon and want to wish you all the best.

                Robusto: so sorry to hear about your father. I agree with TG that it must have been hard to describe the whole thing. Tumor really is a nasty thing. My sincere condolences to you and your family.



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                  Re: Thundergods op

                  Thank you everyone. Reading TGs post and seeing "acoustic neuroma" written there was shattering.

                  If there is a lesson from all is that doctors are indeed saviors of life, but often you have to be firm, and trust your own "diagnosis".

                  Dont want to burden you all with the Robusto family ailmments but I had a chronic cough which lasted for over a year. Diagnoses, several times, by my GP, and by a specialist, were all wrong, wasting much time and money running around getting all sorts of tests and xrays done, to no avail.

                  The good old internet came to my rescue. Diagnosed myself as having a hiatus hernia, booked in to have a picture taken of the stomach, which confirmed Dr Robustos suspicion. They also did a routine biopsy of stomach which showed I also had that bacteria which causes stomach ulcers --- Thanks to that Australian doctor who won the Nobel prize for discovering ulcers were caused by bugs, I was cured in a week.



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                    Re: Thundergods op

                    Heres a tip, when your in hospital and you have a doctor trying to stick a tube into your chest, dont refer to him as Dr Frankenstein or asking how long has he been practicing and say I hope youve finished practising and will get what your doing right, they dont like that for some reason??
                    Dont ask me how I know this


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                      Re: Thundergods op

                      sort of on the subject

                      mate I work with has had kidney stones (just passing though) for the last week told him it was caused by to much coffee

                      now that really hurt............

                      ps all the best thundergod


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                        Re: Thundergods op

                        Some of you probably didnt see the original thread that inspired this one.
                        I thank you all for your concern but wish to emphasise that the op was about 2 years ago now and all is well so far.

                        lucinda - karate is not a problem now but balance was definitely a problem when I first went back.
                        Funny how trying to balance on one foot whilst aiming a roundhouse kick to someones head doesnt quite work as well only 3 months after such an operation.  :

                        sullo - start saving your pennys for that green paint. We should be back to our rightful number 1 position soon.

                        ladies - luckily the Australian medical profession leads the world at times. There has been another recent breakthrough that will save the lives of millions of women worldwide.
                        It wont eliminate those tests but should reduce their frequency.


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                          Re: Thundergods op

                          got the green signwriting vinyl specially prepared TG