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Actuaries - front and centre!

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  • Actuaries - front and centre!

    I KNOW we have one or two (if not more) actuaries among our number - and I have a question for them.

    Arthur Hunter developed a set of tables that established rates for mortality and morbidity among people with disabilities. Does anyone know if these are still in use, are they updated, and if so how?

    They are widely cited tables that have been the basis of legislation and insurance decisions, particularly in the United States, but also here.

    The only thing is - they were created in 1920. Mr Hunter himself died in 1964 at the ripe old age of 95 (thereby outperforming all expectations of longevity for his own cohort - not much of a risk-taker I guess!).

    Im wondering how valid the tables might be given that they are based on knowledge that is now quite literally from four score and seven years ago.

    Any advice gratefully accepted!

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    Re: Actuaries - front and centre!

    Hi Grendel, I work in the field (disabilties, not actuarial). Can I suggest that you may be able to obtain this info from the abs?

    Maybe you could start at this link....


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      Re: Actuaries - front and centre!

      Dennis - Im also in the field - in the policy side of things though. Im working on the CSTDA negotiations.

      The Hunter Tables are on my radar simply because they are being used, and I am not sure if their continued use is justified.

      Thanks for the ABS link!


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        Re: Actuaries - front and centre!

        Good luck with it Grendel!

        Do you happen to be one of the people in this pic?


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          Re: Actuaries - front and centre!

          LoL no - but I was one of the people who, er, hmmmm - provided the intel on the location that the pollies would be in...