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  • Ive been better.....

    My apologies for causing last Sundays Sydney coffee meet-up to be cancelled. I got to work Saturday afternoon and promptly collapsed, thought I was having a heart attack. After the ECG and blood tests, I was told that the coronary like symptoms and emergency ambulance ride were caused by, wait for it - anaemia. :-[ : :-? Go figure......

    At least it was severe anaemia. Im only out of hospital tonight, after several blood transfusions and a battery of tests. And I have to go back in six weeks for an operation. Possibly worst of all, Ive just had 5 days of drinking International Roast - I refused the first couple, but the caffeine headaches got to me.

    Does anyone know if the hot water you get in the plastic mugs on meal trays is hot enough for plunger coffee? Just planning ahead for the next stay.

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    Re: Ive been better.....

    I think its time for another "lets not leave a snob in need" thing,
    maybe we could drop by Viv and bring her a coffee boys n girls?
    Where is ya Viv?
    Ive been in hostibubble and if it wasnt for she who has great ideas bringing in a few coffees on her way in everyday Idve been a mess, (as if the lung thing wasnt enough lol) apart from the night I hooked up an IV saline bag with the coffee they give you, ya seriously gotta try that, it really gets the wind up the thorasic surgeons!
    But ona serious note, wish you all the best Viv, get thru it and come back quick to tell us what you got up to in there.
    PS Pm me if you wanna list of fun things you can do whilst in hostibubble
    PPS by the time the tray gets to you, youd really have to be desperate at the temps they come to you in, sorry!


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      Re: Ive been better.....

      When I had my brain surgery my last coffee was the day before I went in to hospital.
      Didnt have another for 3 months.

      I too had a little scare a few months ago and ended up in emergency overnight.
      Turns out not to have been a hear attack and they never worked out what it was, just what it wasnt.

      Forgive me but I got desperate enough to try the instant coffee for brekky.
      I took one sip though and couldnt go any further.

      Im glad it was nothing worse.

      Where will you be going?
      We might be able to sneak in some of the good stuff.


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        Re: Ive been better.....

        I had OG well trained enough that he would bring me a coffee from cibo just down the road on the way in.

        The woman who I shared the ward with had her family doing the same.

        Viv - hopefully you have time to train someone before the next visit.

        Get well soon.


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          Re: Ive been better.....

          Sullos got a good idea there, if Viviane is willing to be a happy recipient!


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            Re: Ive been better.....

            Was that with one or two teaspoons of folate in your coffee Viviane?

            How about a Presso?
            The staff would queue at your bedside.

            Look after yourself, hope the stint in there is short.


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              Re: Ive been better.....

              Sorry to hear it Viviane. Better start getting friendly with your butcher.

              Perhaps joining a Meatsnobs forum would be a good start to better health and becoming the IronLady.


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                Re: Ive been better.....

                Wish you a speedy recovery Viv


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                  Re: Ive been better.....

                  Hey Viv...
                  hope things go well.... why dont you  take one of those travel-water heaters, the little coily plunger things which work  on 240V...
                  you can buy them from bag/suitcase shops, as well as some electronics shops, like Dick Smith, or from this mob:
        <br />

                  and, have a look at this one: ... pity you need 12V for that, so short of taking a power pack with you, not really a good option for hospital

                  and (just for fun ) check out the travel espresso units at

                  Good luck!



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                    Re: Ive been better.....

                    dick smith sell a power adaptpr which is slightly larger then a normal phone charger you can stick 12volt car things in, that could work..

                    Seriously thou I think itd be a great idea if we could get Hostibubble Snobs going,
                    with saying that, anyone thats having an op in Sydney Ill put my hand up to do some snob deliverys, Im sure I can secure some theatre scrubs and waltzin like a doctor with heaps of ids Ive got to look the part.
                    I have a stethescope I used to carry in my ATM toolbag I can lend out too!
                    Whos with me on this?
                    I cant be the only muppet thinking this surely???


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                      Re: Ive been better.....

                      My thoughts are with you Vivianne,

                      Wishing you a smooth ride and a speedy (caffeine fueled [smiley=evil.gif])recovery...



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                        Re: Ive been better.....

                        Thank you all for your kind thoughts.  Yep, lots of meat, iron and folate over the next 6 weeks - I have to keep the iron levels up for the op. Liver with balsamic onions, pate with spinach salad, grilled kidneys, Ill be the offal queen....

                        Ill be in Bowral Hospital, in the Southern Highlands and while the care they give is exceptionally good, the facilities leave a lot to be desired.  No hospital coffee shop, no cafe within walking distance, no patient kitchen....  My regular visitor with a car will be my sister, shell be running after my son as well as her own brood, and she doesnt really get the coffee thing, so no caffeine relief there. As far as I know, Im the only CSer in the area.  The operation involves cutting abdominal muscles, so the Presso might be a bit difficult for a while.  Lizzies travel water heater seems to be the go, with a plunger.

                        Sullo, Ill take that list of fun things to do in hospital.


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                          Re: Im getting better

                          Well, 11 days later Im well enough to sit at the comp again. The op went fairly well, the pathology was all clear, and after being home for 5 days now, my cat is almost talking to me again.  Dont think I was supposed to be quite this crook, but thems the breaks.  

                          Coffee??  The coffee is a very sad story - I went through three heatguns just before going into hospital, and had to finish the batch off in the popper - it was very oily, though not particularly dark.  Going into hospital, I didnt get hold of the travel water heater, instead I took with me *hangs head in shame, and mumbles* supermarket coffee bags.  Just to tide me over, you understand.  One or two of those a day, and I never want to see them again in my life.  I was so looking forward to getting home and having a real coffee - I knew I wouldnt be climbing the stairs to my kitchen, but my son knows how to use Silvia.  The first cup he made was sort of ok, I didnt complain.  The next day he made one that was undrinkable and I couldnt work out why, he made another - the same.  There wasnt anything that I could work out that he was doing wrong, so I gave up on coffee until I could get upstairs to check.  Then I saw it - three bags of coffee beans sitting on the dining table, where theyd been for a week, in clear plastic bags, with all that lovely afternoon sun directed at them, in the middle of a mini heat wave.

                          And I cant drive for another week or so, so I cant sort out the heatgun and roast some more.

                          I know it sounds like Im whinging, Im really not - even my surgeon says Id be better with two or three cups of coffee a day,  since thats what Im used to.  Apart from that, things are pretty good.  My son has been truly wonderful, as have my friends.  And I know there have been a lot of problems at other NSW hospitals recently, but Reba Meagher obviously forgot about Bowral Hospital - my care there was great.


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                            Re: Ive been better.....

                            supermarket coffee bags
                            It was only last night that I heard from a Victorian CSr who left his ground coffee and plunger sitting in the kitchen and then flew to Queensland. So he bought some coffee bags while up there and after having one, has left the rest of the packet in the hotel room.

                            He has also been giving cafe owners grief everywhere and I hear has jumped across the counter more than once to "teach" how its should be done. Such is the life of a CoffeeSnob eh!

                            What a big couple of months you have had Viv, hows the diet now? Still doing spinach and pate on toast for breakfast?