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"One More Cup of Coffee"

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  • "One More Cup of Coffee"

    Does Coffee Snobs have a theme song?

    How about Dylans "One More Cup of Coffee"

    One more cup of coffee for the road
    One more cup of coffee fore I go
    To the valley below

    Brilliant song. In fact, my new favourite (only about 40 years after it was written).
    Someone asked me if I could play it last night (I play a few acoustic shows - pubs etc) and I was dumbfounded that I had never learnt this before (Im learning it as I type).

    Any others that may be more appropriate?
    Greg 8-)

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    Re: "One More Cup of Coffee"

    Java "Gotta have that coffee!" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Re: "One More Cup of Coffee"

      The "Coffee Song" by Cream.
      Found a band on the net called "Coffee Protection Society 11/8"


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        Re: "One More Cup of Coffee"

        "40 cups of coffee" Ella Mae Morse
        "Black Coffee" Peggy Lee


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          Re: "One More Cup of Coffee"

          Wow, Javaphile, the bloke who wrote that Coffee Break song was really strung out on caffeine, wasnt he?
          Cant count how many times the word coffee is in it (not without a calculator). Sounds like a real CS.
          Hows it go? Hum a few bars.

          An obscure Cream song - cool.

          And eclectic old blues songs - double cool. Shoulda known thered be some of those back there.

          Still love that Dylan song. The depth, despair, depression. Just gotta have one more cuppa but. Warm up the Silvia/Giotto/whatever.