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  • Coffee Quandary

    I have been in laying in bed sleepless worrying about how I am going to feed my caffeine requirements next week.
    On Wednesday Im going for a should re-construction so I wont be able to use Silvia for a few weeks.
    "Can I manage the grinder and plunger", I think this will be the solution and then theres the bean supply I roast up a kg the day before I go in so that should keep me running and maybe I can get a roasting assistant to help me with Corretto....................the challenges thrown at one in life............but wheres theres a will theres a way!!
    Any other suggestins to keep me caffeinated would be appreciated...............................

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    Re: Coffee Quandary

    maybe put a call out to fellow CSrs in your general area. They might be willing to have you over for coffee, or whilst you are house bound, you could invite one around every now and then and they could make the coffee.

    Or I heard that the drive through maccas coffee is OK


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      Re: Coffee Quandary

      Ill pass on the Maccas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        Re: Coffee Quandary

        Make up a batch of CP.

        Java "Decanting a new batch as we speak" phile
        Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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          Re: Coffee Quandary

          I have had a shoulder reconstruction and It will be at least 2 - 3 weeks before you will be able to use it enough to make a decent coffee. I feel for you . After the Op. remember it will get better.

          Find a friend who will come around and assist with making the coffee. You should be able to manage a plunger and depends what grinder you have if it is a doser you should not have a problem.


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            Re: Coffee Quandary

            Ive been practicing one-handed grinding with Rocky into a container so I think I will be able to have plunger coffee at least!


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              Re: Coffee Quandary

              That should work. But the first day or two you may not wish to move to much. So find a friend


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                Re: Coffee Quandary

                I notice you have a tamper stand.
                Will that allow you to tamp one handed?

                I know I couldnt use my bottomless pf with one hand but my other PF has the angled handle and with the double spouts on it sits quite nicely on the bench.

                Id grind as usual and then empty the doser into a container.
                Then Id fill the basket and tamp.
                Easy tasks then to fit the PF to the Exi and flick the lever.

                Milk texturing though could be tricky.
                I have no problem with holding the jug in one hand to texture but turning the steam valve on and off could be a problem.

                I suppose I could explore the idea of sitting the jug on the drip tray to start and finish texturing.


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                  Re: Coffee Quandary

                  Ive got the old Via Venezia in our storeroom, my wife is able to use it but wont go near Silvia--I may have to re-commission the Saeco and suffer a drop in quality for a while......maybe not!!
                  Its all very stressfull...................................


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                    Re: Coffee Quandary

                    [QUOTE=greenman link=1208640606/0#0 date=1208640605]I have been in laying in bed sleepless worrying about how I am going to feed my caffeine requirements next week.
                    On Wednesday Im going for a shoulder re-construction so I wont be able to use Silvia properly for a few weeks.

                    Tomorrows the day, my last double ristretto for breakfast and who knows what sort of coffee I will have to consume over my recovery period, I will be at the mercy of others!!!
                    Hopefully I will be able to get myself into Epic to have a java with fellow CSers at the beanbay pickup on Friday week.


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                      Re: Coffee Quandary

                      I was up and around CAREFULLY within 2 - 3 days. Within a week you should be able to move around and a sling will be your friend. But someone will still have tom pour your shots for you. I will have a cup of two on your behalf.

                      Best of Luck


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                        Re: Coffee Quandary

                        Think yourself lucky greenman.
                        I had a tumour removed from my hearing canal just over 3 years ago and had my last coffee about two days before surgery.

                        The lady with the trolley came around and asked if I wanted a tea and I declined. I found out later she had coffee.
                        It was probably instant though so probably no loss.
                        However in those days I wasnt a coffee snob.

                        I spent 24 hours in intensive care (as you do when its officially brain surgery) and another 6 days in hospital.
                        One of the worst things about it was the lack of an appetite afterwards.
                        The food looked so nice but I was so nauseous that I couldnt eat for many days.
                        One result of this fast was that I no longer wanted a coffee.
                        It was a full 6 months before I finally had a cappuccino.

                        Since then Ive discovered theres better coffee to be had than what Id been used to.

                        The time will pass sooner than you think.
                        Just remember theres always someone worse off than you and what doesnt kill you makes you stronger.

                        Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


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                          Re: Coffee Quandary

                          Thanks tg Im sure Ill survive, at least being home recovering will give me heaps of time on CS!!!!


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                            Re: Coffee Quandary

                            Hi greenman,

                            All the best for your op...Im going in tomorrow for overnight stay for work on my left knee, but hopefully its not going to keep me from playing with my Levetta for too long.



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                              Re: Coffee Quandary

                              hi tb hope the op went well im typing 1 handed so pretty slow
                              managing a plunger and its producing a decent brew..........cheers from the one armed bandit