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  • Coffee powered cars

    Ive said it before - Is there anything coffee cant do? ;D

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    Re: Coffee powered cars

    Interesting concept.
    I guess you would need a courier company to collect all the grounds, rather a logistical issue i would think but i guess you could call the courier company "Spent Puck Couriers"



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      Re: Coffee powered cars


      Coffee may help save the planet.... I love coffee ;D



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        Re: Coffee powered cars

        That would be really cool. But the exhaust would put the person behind you on a coffee high!


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          Re: Coffee powered cars

          Id bet you would get great fuel economy


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            Coffee Power - biodiesel fom spent coffee grounds

            Hi everyone,
            I came across this article in my travels.


            We may all be sitting on a potential goldmine - well oil mine anyway.



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              Re: Coffee powered cars

              The way forward is electric cars, not internal combustion engines. Once set up with solar cells on the roof, you can say goodbye to the oil companys and their monopolies forever. Even hydrogen powered cars are a waste of time as 95% of industrial hydrogen is sourced from oil, this is again big oil trying to monopolise the distribution of energy. Dont get me wrong, im not a total tree hugger but surly for 90% of driving that city dwellers do, an electric car that can do 100km per charge is more than adequate. Just look at the prices that fuel got to in the last year, oil price goes up, petrol price goes up, oil price goes down 65%, fuel price comes down 20% (i have a diesel car). This is an evironmental issue, as well as a complete scam. Once set up with photo-voltaic cells at home, the price to fuel your car becomes stable. In one year the price will, in 5, in 20 No wonder big oil want us to keep burning carbon fuels in our cars, regardless of their origin. I work in the oil industry and yet i see that change needs to happen, sooner rather than later. If most cars were electric, oil companies will still make a crapload of money and people would still have jobs. Oil is a finite resource and WILL run out, we should be saving it for areas were there is no viable alternatives. Burning oil driving to the shops to buy a litre of milk is not a sensible use for this precious resource.
              Kevin Rudd has just sold us out with his pathetic stance on carbon emission reduction, saying we should wait and see what the rest of the world do. Yeah Kev, if we had done the same with our banking system and followed the US down the path of zero regulation we would be even more screwed than we currently are. Australians should be leaders, not followers and with our abundant wind, wave, tidal, geothermal and solar resources, there is no reason the vast majority of our power cant be generated without massive impact to the environment and our hip pockets.
              Sorry for the rant and going OT, but this is an issue i feel quite strongly about.


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                Re: Coffee powered cars

                You dont say! ;D Nothing wrong with a passionate opinion there James! And as far as going off topic, after all, this is the Off Topic discussion area!


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                  Re: Coffee powered cars

                  A contentious issue James and obvioulsy one that youre passionate about. Unfortunately, as you would know, most electricity is produced by burning coal which still equates to pollution in various forms, and also a finite resource.

                  Has Kev really sold us out and done nothing? I thought the announcement said the goal was to reduce emissions between 5-15%? That may not be what you or I wanted to hear, but its a definite start and a leverage point when lobbying to other countries.

                  How strongly do you feel? As an individual how much extra would you be prepared to pay out of your weekly earnings to clean up our act? Would you go as far as tossing in your current job if it conflicts with your values? Please dont think Im picking on you, I just mean to point out that these are dilemmas we all face. Most people want to do what they feel is right though this can be difficult for them when the price is high.



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                    Re: Coffee powered cars

                    Originally posted by Dennis link=1229204780/0#8 date=1229394422
                    A contentious issue James and obvioulsy one that youre passionate about.  Unfortunately, as you would know, most electricity is produced by burning coal which still equates to pollution in various forms, and also a finite resource.
                    I suppose thats where real research into solar, wind, wave , geothermal ,etc resources should be stepped up.

                    I gotta agree with your sentiment, James. Too much compromise, too little real action. Economic rationalists still rule the roost. Big bucks involved, dont wanna rock the boat (even if the future of the planet is on the line) .


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                      Re: Coffee powered cars


                      With solar cells on your roof, you need batteries. Usually lead acid. Not exactly eco friendly.

                      The energy required to make a solar cell is more than what it will produce in its life time.

                      Also full sunlight at 100% efficency produces 1kW in one square metre. Not much power.

                      I have hear that one litre of petrol has the energy of 76 lead acid car batteries. This why internal combustion will be around for a while yet.

                      I do agree with one thing. An electric motor runs rings around an internal combustion. Easy to control, 100% torque at zero rpm, can convert 99% of energy in as opposed to 30% for petrol and 50% for diesel. The problem is not the engine, its the fuel.

                      Bio fuels may still win out anyway.
                      Oils in waste products (like coffee grinds) can be used very easily in a diesel engine.
                      Algae has been used to produce diesel with no Full scale production looks like it will be 2-10 years away. The process isnt carbon neutral... its carbon negative. For every 1 gram of CO2 given off by burning it takes 3 grams out of the atmosphere.
                      With electric cars the manufactures will have to retool and the public will have to buy new vehicles. Bad for the enviroment. No need with bio diesel.
                      Diesel is very very close to jet fuel. Where is the electric Jumbo Jet?
                      Food and other by products that would normally be thrown out can be used to feed the algae.
                      The plant that manufactures the bio diesel could be placed on land that cant be farmed, more room for coffee trees.
                      The cost to produce one litre is 50cents. Cheap. And that is the cost now, not with a full scale plant producing it.

                      And a company has has found a form of E. coli bacteria that produces petrol. It also feds on bio waste (like coffee grinds and chaff). Again no distillation, carbon negative.

                      Still its good to see someone that is passionate in this world of apathy.


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                        Re: Coffee powered cars

                        Agreed Dennis, it is a contentious issue but at some stage we will have to address it and change our ways.
                        Currently we do derive most of our electrical power from coal in this country, that is why we have to start using technologies such as solar cells on our houses, just 2500W on every roof would make a MASSIVE contribution to reduction of CO2 emissions and with electricity prices set to double in the next 5 years, would pay for themselves in a few years. Over the past 5-8 years, here in Perth i have watched people pay triple the price for houses that were $200K in 2001, now going for $550K+ with not too much effort, yet paying $20K for a photovoltaic system that would provide more than enough electricity for any houshold and eliminate power bills and emmissions for 25+ years is deemed too expensive.
                        Australia has the highest CO2 emmissions per capita IN THE WORLD! Reducing this by 5-15% would still leave us the worst emmitters IN THE WORLD, ergo ZERO leverage on any other country. As an Australian this is embarrasing considering the alternative infinite energy resources this massive island continent provides us with. It is not as though we are a landlocked, tiny country like those in Western Europe with bugger all sunshine and no coastline energy to exploit, and yet they have a better emmission and efficiency track record than us.
                        By changing all my lightglobes, and i mean ALL, to compact flourescents and LED, my power bill has dropped over 70%. That cost about of about $250 for the globes has already paid for itself in the last 6 months and reduced CO2 emmissions by 70% as well. These financial savings are part of the reason i was able to justify upgrading my coffee kit, because i now have an extra $60 a month in my pocket. As soon as the regulators in Australia allow and encourage all-electric cars into this country, I will buy one, and a solar array large enough to charge it. Imagine only going to a fuel station when you take the old petrol burner on a long trip/holiday, which probably only equates to about 10% of my driving, and probably similar for most of the Australian population.
                        I wouldnt just chuck my job away in the oil and gas industry as there will, for a long time, be a need for petro-chemicals. I just believe we need to utilise these resources more wisely, and driving a 5 litre V8 to the shops and back, in my opinion, isnt wise. Any form of fanaticism, beit religious, moral or environmental will ultimately cause more problems than solutions.
                        The price might seem high initially to implement change, but what is the COST if we dont.


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                          Re: Coffee powered cars

                          Biofuel crops are already starting to encroach on valuable food farming land because of our greed for energy and money. This is driving up the cost of food in poor counties to the point where they are going hungry, just so us westerners can fuel our extravagant lifestyles. If you cant grow food on the land, the chances are that you cannot grow viable biofuel crops.
                          It is true that at present airliners need hydrocarbon fuels, another reason not to waste it driving around internal combustion cars when there is a viable, not to mention quiet and clean, alternative.
                          It is true that solar cells dont produce much power per sq metre, but my roof is over 125 sqm, so not much of a drama there, more than enough space to generate the power i need.

                          Lead acid batteries pose no real eco-problems unless they are eaten or indiscriminately dumped into the environment. They can also be recycled indefinately. We have to get out of the habit of using something once, then throwing it into a hole in the ground and burying it. We will probably we using high efficiency ultra-capacitors for home electricity storage soon anyway. These can be charged over 50,000 times before replacement.

                          Car manufacturers are already bust thanks to relying on 100 year old technology with no improvement in efficiency. In fact, the model T ford had an efficiency of 25 mpg, in the US the average efficiency now is just 16 mpg. Any smart car company should be working on retrofit electric conversions for existing cars and retooling to produce cars the people want, they would cash in big time.



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                            Re: Coffee powered cars

                            Interesting thread.

                            I saw something recently where some places in the US have solar panels on their rooftops and sell the energy produced back to energy suppliers. Seemed like a smart idea to me.

                            Electric powered cars arent a new idea James, so Im curious to know, apart from conspiracy theories, why they havent been embraced?

                            ps. I have a few coffee pucks Id be happy to donate to anyone wanting to make their own fuel.


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                              Re: Coffee powered cars

                              16 mpg????

                              My current car is getting 59 mpg.