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Art exhibition next weekend, Stanley Tasmania

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  • Art exhibition next weekend, Stanley Tasmania

    The first public showing of some of my photography will be presented in a Photography exhibition to be held on the Australia Day long weekend, in Stanley in North-West Tasmania.

    Some of my work is available for viewing now - follow the link from

    If you have got nothing better to do and find yourself in the area, do go and have a look.
    My images are currently with the printer - I will have at least 21 A3 prints, and some others.
    There will be a feature piece from me which has not yet been released for public view. It will be on my site after the opening of the exhibition.
    I gave Andy a sneak preview of that piece and he invited me to make this plug here in OffTopic (Thanks Andy).

    If you do make it to the exhibition, Id love to hear back from you.

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    Re: Art exhibition next weekend, Stanley Tasmania

    I spend a lot of time with my photography.
    It shows, and it has been time well spent

    I trust you enjoy my results.
    Brilliant! Excellent nature and landscape photography Adam. Comes up even better framed. These are as good as that well-known photographer whose last name is quite similar to your first

    I think you are on the way to making a name for yourself

    Great feeling of perspective and symmetry/asymmetry, not to mention how you have captured the light and colour. The Barn Bluff one - you wouldnt think that is natural light.

    Let us know when you exhibit on that minor island just to the north of yours (aka mainland )

    Now where are those Tassie Tiger shots! All that wandering in the wilderness.... 8-)


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      Re: Art exhibition next weekend, Stanley Tasmania

      Extremely nice work Tadasm.

      Not only technically well executed photography but fabulous subject matter that invokes closer observation by the viewer.

      All the best for the exhibition and I am sure that it shall be well received.


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        Re: Art exhibition next weekend, Stanley Tasmania

        Hi Adam
        You prints are as good as i remember seeing them at your place in 2007 when i visited.
        Can you send me some details of the costs of the sunset one you have in that online gallery?
        I can see a print of that hanging in my study.



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          Re: Art exhibition next weekend, Stanley Tasmania

          Hi there.
          Thanks for all the kind comments.
          My images are back from the printer. I am fairly happy with them and they are getting matted at the moment, ready for hanging tomorrow.

          I have set up a gallery with the images I will be displaying at the exhibition, if you go to my home page and choose the second link to the bubblesite, under the gallery you will find a group for the Exhibition.

          There are four images missing from that group - I have not made these special 4 images publicly available yet, but they will be updated once the exhibition opens - I am making a feature so that the first public viewing of these prints will be at the exhibition.
          Youll see why, in time.

          As for pricing, well, you can look at the Redbubble site. Or you can talk to me directly and we can see what we can work out.
          My email address on my home page.


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            Re: Art exhibition next weekend, Stanley Tasmania

            Beautiful work, Adam.

            Makes me want to get back down to your neck of the woods. A beautiful part of the world. (..and its 37 degrees up here at the moment... :P)

            Stanley is a fascinating place (very windy last time I was there, IIRC).

            Good luck with the exhibition.