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  • Pinball

    The video games topic started to get quite a few mentions of Pinball Machines, so I thought Id start a separate topic for it.
    A great site for information on pretty much every Pinball Machine made is The Internet Pinball Database

    As mentioned in the other thread, I have 3 Pinballs.
    King Pin - Gottlieb 1973
    Sinbad - Gottlieb 1978
    STTNG - Williams 1994

    Over the years, my other favourites have been (in no particualr order):
    Black Rose
    Black Knight
    Road Show
    The Addams Family
    World Cup 94
    Eight Ball Deluxe
    Indiana Jones
    Monster Bash
    Simpson Pinball Party
    South Park
    Terminator 2: Judgement Day
    Playboy (1978 Bally version
    Joker Poker
    Attack From Mars

    And Im sure theres a number Ive missed.

    Who else owns some and/or spent way too much time and money in Amusement Parlours when young?

    Which ones stand out (for good or bad reasons - EG: The ill fated Banana Flippers experiment - Disco Fever)?

    And does anyone else get boxes of stuff delivered from Marco Specialities in the USA?

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    Re: Pinball

    King Pin is my era the rest are modern.

    BTW the link to the Playboy machine is wrong.

    My dad used to run a kafenio and after school Id go and play the pinnies, including some old style like Coney Island.


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      Re: Pinball

      Originally posted by 6C504D565C5D4A5F575C380 link=1235532427/1#1 date=1235533462
      BTW the link to the Playboy machine is wrong.
      Fixed. Cheers.


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        Re: Pinball

        jeez thunder god i remember hanging around with my ol man at the kafenion and watching the teenagers playing the 5 cent money comes to memory was aces high...