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Looking for Pearl Rhythm Traveler drum kit

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  • Looking for Pearl Rhythm Traveler drum kit

    This may be a long shot, but Im looking for a Pearl Rhythm Traveler drum kit. Perhaps you have one lying at home ignored by that teenager who no longer wants to be Ringo Starr - or maybe you know a drummer who has hung up his sticks.
    Im a returned drummer, back into it after a 30-year break, and need a compact kit for gigging and rehearsals with my band. I have an electronic kit at home, but the band feels more comfortable with acoustics.
    The Rhythm Traveler is an ultra compact kit which comes in two versions - the "gig" which is really small and the "kit" which has separate cumbal and drum stands.
    Im after the kit version and based in Brisbane. Not too fussed about the state of the skins as Ill be replacing those, and also not too worried if the original Pearl cymbals are not in great condition. Im looking for a neat-looking kit without rust on the hardware - and at a reasonable price.
    PM me if you have one or know of one...