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  • Bathurst...

    Wet and windy looks pretty crummy for racing...

    (blue sky and 22C here today)

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    Re: Bathurst...

    Lap 1... saftey car.

    Sun is out now on most the track and the chess game of when to pit and change tyres from wets to slicks will add something interesting.

    Wont get too see much of the race today but love the bits I do get to see... its the only car race I have any interest in each year.


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      Re: Bathurst...

      Go Murphy/Skaife, Tander/Davison and, especially, GO TEAM HOLDEN!


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        Re: Bathurst...

        Go FORD!


        Oh... and go Troy Bayliss!


        Wary Bayliss hopes to shed V8 L plates
        GUY HAND October 9, 2009

        As a place to shed your driving "L" plates, Mt Panorama is as tough as it gets.

        Thats the task facing three-time world superbike champion Troy Bayliss, who will switch from two wheels to four at the Bathurst 1000.

        The 40-year-old was slated to have his first V8 race drive last month at Phillip Island - the lead-up to Bathurst.

        But his Holden never made it to the starting grid after mechanical failure struck during the warm-up lap while co-driver Dean Fiore was at the wheel.

        It means Bayliss, whose V8 experience is limited to several tests over the past 12 months, will have his first drive in anger at Australias toughest track in Australias greatest motor race on Sunday.

        Im excited and a little bit wary. Phillip Island was a bit disappointing because I was counting on the day to get the miles under my belt before Bathurst," Bayliss told AAP.

        "Straight after that I had to shoot off to Europe for 12 or 13 days and I missed the test we had at Queensland Raceway.

        "Its going to be a tough job at hand, and all the drivers here are so fast and so competitive. But Im really up for it - I cant wait to get out there."

        Bayliss became a bike racing legend with Ducati, winning three world superbike titles and also having a stint in MotoGP along the way.

        Now retired from motorcycle racing, Bayliss makes no secret of the fact he wants to follow Wayne Gardner and the late Gregg Hansford and make a successful fulltime switch to car racing.

        Bathurst is his shop window, and Bayliss hopes the drive for Triple F Racing alongside Fiore will lead to a regular gig for 2010 in the V8 championship.

        "Ive got my goals set pretty high and well see how the weekend goes. Id be happy just to bring the car home," Bayliss said.

        "What I need is a bit of time in the car. All these guys have been doing this for a long time. I dont have a long time.

        "I need to get in there and basically get going soon. I need to get out there straight away in a competitive car."


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          Re: Bathurst...

          Oh dear... seems that motorbike riders should stay on 2 wheels.  Troy (in true Wayne Gardner tradition) had an off and caused the 3rd saftey car period.

          Im roasting at the Snobbery at the moment and have found an internet feed if anyone wants to see the race but (like me) has no access to a telly.

          ...but I guess that all those interested are already in front of a telly or around a BBQ.



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            Re: Bathurst...

            Whilst I dont like to crow about it...

            GO HOLDEN!

            Nor rub salt into the wounds...

            GO HOLDEN!

            And I really dont want to sound like Im pushing the point, but...



            ;D ;D ;D


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              Re: Bathurst...

              Gutted that Murph couldnt get on the podium

              I have his 03 hotlap on the PC and its still a thing of beauty to watch.

              Good to see the right cars got the top few spots, theres been far too much blue up there in recent years.

              Great finish to the race


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                Re: Bathurst...

                would have liked Lownes and Whincup to notch up another in a row.
                But such is life.
                Good race though.


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                  Re: Bathurst...

                  Originally posted by 2B0C1A0810630 link=1255217781/5#5 date=1255242392
                  GO HOLDEN, GO HOLDEN, GO HOLDEN, GO!!!
                  Crow and salt and push away Di... you know you would have got a dose if the tables were turned.



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                    Re: Bathurst...

                    We gave you guys the race today - sick and tired of the carry on from team Well put the lot of you back in your boxes next year, count on it... 8-)


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                      Re: Bathurst...


                      Who won?


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                        Re: Bathurst...

                        Yeah, right - outclassed and you know it!!!

                        Top 10

                        Garth Tander/Will Davison Commodore
                        Jason Richards/Cameron McConville Commodore
                        Lee Holdsworth/Michael Caruso Commodore
                        Greg Murphy/Mark Skaife Commodore
                        Craig Lowndes/Jamie Whincup Falcon
                        Jason Bargwanna/Mark Noske Commodore
                        Tim Slade/Paul Morris Commodore
                        Rick Kelly/Todd Kelly Commodore
                        David Besnard/Greg Ritter Commodore
                        Tony D’Alberto/Andrew Thompson Commodore
                        Lets see...that makes, in the Top 10:-

                        Holdens - 9
                        Fords - 1

                        Wiped the floor, Id say...

                        But, as I say, not crowing at all !!! (Hee Hee)

                        ;D ;D ;D


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                          Re: Bathurst...

                 attention to the race today meant not much attention here, Im afraid...

                          About time we got a wet/dry Bathurst as in the great days gone really made for a fantastic watch that kept me in my seat in front of it all day (would you expect anything less? ;D)

                          Gutted that my man didnt make podium (Lowndes) even more gutted that hes switching back from Frauds to Holdons next year but I dont follow colours, rather drivers...

                          I actually was quite proud for Garry Rodgers Motorsport to have a podium finish. Hes been a longtime stalwart of the sport in general and great to see that being rewarded.

                          And yes, just was on the edge of my seat watching the race within a race of Murphy making a huge comeback to get to within a hairs breath of getting a podium finish...even quite funny to see him teamed up with Skaife too...

                          For me though, the pick of the weekend was the awesome sight of the Biante Touring Car Classics racing the track in true muscle car style. How fantastic to see those classic Stangs, Camaros and Ford GTs racing that track again! I really wished I could have been there to not only see that spectacle but to hear it with my own ears! Now that race of cars would have made that mountain roar!

                          Enjoy your victory whilst it lasts, Di!  


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                            Re: Bathurst...

                            I missed the classics, Scoota - but for sure that old school racing where you steer with the rear and the seat of the pants is always brown and stinky is something to behold...


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                              Re: Bathurst...

                              Originally posted by 547365776F1C0 link=1255217781/11#11 date=1255256853
                              Lets see...that makes
                              ...1 win the last 4 years.

                              This video is a lap in an Elise. Staring at the rear of the grid...
                              Great footage and its hard to watch without the hair on the back of your neck standing-up.