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  • Your premium sound system

    To all the coffee and music lovers...
    There is almost nothing better in this hectic and busy world than to sink into a comfortable chair right in the middle and in front of two loudspeakers with either a coffee or an ale/liqeuer in hand and let the soothing sounds of music take your troubles away.
    At night i like a Dom Benedictine or a Irish Mist with a few rocks. During the day i like either a double espresso or a white.
    Just like a coffee machine, the sound system is turned on for at least half hour before listening to get warmth and smoothness.
     My listening sessions is a mixture of classic, classic  soft rock, a bit of jazz and instrumental as well as current top 40s.

    A good system, properly set up, has the ability to make the loudspeakers "disappear" and involves the listener in the music rather than focusing on the system.

    This thread is about finding out more about my fellow Coffeesnobbers and what do you have as your source of aura enjoyment.

    My audio nirvana collected over my younger years before marriage ended all that is as follows:

    Pre amplifier: McClaren 740
    Power amplifier: McClaren 420 both from N Zealand.
    CD player: Marantz CD67 Mk11
    Turntable: Linn Sondek with Koetsu Signature cartridge
    Loudspeakers: Bowers and Wilkins Matrix 3. Van Del Hul plugs.
    Cables: Accuphase interconnects,
    Time and Space loudspeaker cables in bi-wired format.
    Accesories: Mr.cones for loudspeaker feet.
    Stax electrostatic headphones with dedicated amp.

    So thats my current piece of kit, of which im well sure is a modest one, mine a bit like a Lelit or a Rancillio with a PID amongst the VBMs, Giottos and Alex Duettos of the audio community.

    If anyone would like any tips and advice on sound system set up, drop a line.
    Your turn now to reveal yours, fellow snobbers  


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    Re: Your premium sound system

    This belongs in the Stereo Net forum

    My Music kit
    2 Channel
    Hand made tube amp & I believe its a one off
    Also just ordered a hand made tube DAC

    Lowther Speaker drivers in my own hand built cabinets
    Garrard 401 Turntable + SME 3009 S2 Imp (currently getting a makeover with new plinth & air bearing tone arm)

    For Home Theatre Duties
    + a JVC 7.1 Lowther based surround system

    New speaker build on the horizon in the next month or 2

    Audio Technica ATH-W5000 dynamic headphones

    Nakamichi tape deck



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      Re: Your premium sound system

      Nice to know youre a tube lover KK  

      I dont know why but i seem to put tube amps in the same category as hand lever machines like a Pavoni.
      Theres something about them that evokes romanticism against the rather electrical push button espresso machines and solid state amps.
      Mine does have warmth in character due to its MOSFETS in the amps.
      I must say air bearing arms are getting right up there in esoterica KK  



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        Re: Your premium sound system

        Years ago I lusted after the Bose home theatre system but was advised off it, mainly because it was limited by Boses reluctance to pay licensing fees to Dolby.

        We were sat down in front of a Yamaha system that just impressed no end. So, that is what I ended up with. A Yamaha 5.1 surround sound system. It actually is at its best when we have it outside for the outdoor cinema I have...which includes an 8 metre by 3 metre screen. Weve impressed a lot of people with our outdoor cinema in the bush over the years.

        So, the trusty Yamaha has done us now for 10 years. I dont have any desire or need to upgrade or change it. It rocks at all levels and I know my man used to love nothing better than coming home from a stressful day in the "office" (aeroplane) and putting his fave movie, Top Gun on at full volume!

        Whilst it might not be considered "high end" enough for some...Ive always enjoyed my Yamaha sound system.


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          Re: Your premium sound system

          Thanks all the same Scooter Gal for revealing yours.

          While Yamaha systems are not as revealing of fine detail in serious music listening, their dynamics are certainly suitable for home theatre applications.
          In Christmas Island its normally open air cinema and its free, but the sound was shrill and tiring after a while due to their PA style sound system. :
          Would love to get over there and take part in your open air experience, in the bush, given a chance.



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            Re: Your premium sound system

            Marantz PM15S1 Amp
            Orpheus Aurora 3 Speakers (Bi-Wired)
            Rotel CD Player - Old one - now getting pretty dodgy



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              Re: Your premium sound system

              For HT l have a dedicated 7m x 5m room with a 7.1 system , powered by a Sony TADA9000es , DIY SEAS and Audax mtm speakers , a diy 4 x 18" Infinite Baffle sub powered by a Behringer ep2500 amp , Pioneer Bluray player and a Sony720p projector ( to be upgraded when it dies or when l have a lotto win )

              For stereo l have Hawthorne dipole speakers ( 2 x 15" coaxials and 2 x15" bass drivers ) powered by a yaquin MC 100 B amp ( kt88 ) modified by joe rassmussen, and a pioneer DV 969 avi sacd/cd player
              Bass drivers driven by a D class 500w plate amp.


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                Re: Your premium sound system

                Originally posted by 77425158515D7B300 link=1290575895/5#5 date=1290663517
                Orpheus Aurora 3 Speakers (Bi-Wired)
                The Orpheus are a good choice, nice engaging musical speakers.

                Kesa, thats a powerhouse set up there.


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                  Re: Your premium sound system

                  Thanks Gary Though the stereo has a way to go yet ( need either a great DAC or go active ........also might upgrade the coaxials at a latter stage )

                  Cheers ken


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                    Re: Your premium sound system

                    OK, heres mine:

                    Linn Sondek with Ittok LVII arm and Troika cartridge (Soundman re-build)
                    Harman Kardon HD970 CD player or used as a DAC with iTunes
                    ME Sound 15 preamp, 850 amp
                    Linn Kaber speakers (tri-wired)
                    A real mish-mash of connectors
                    Headroom Little amp for headphones (Arrow amp on order)
                    Grado 60 headphones and Audeo PFE 112 earphones

                    Music is mostly rock, jazz, and adult alternative, but lyrical modern stuff is OK too.



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                      Re: Your premium sound system

                      The HK CD Players are wonderful instruments arent they Greg... 8-)

                      Weve got a HD7725 here at home and it just extracts audio that other units never find and the output quality is just so damn nice. Its getting on a bit in years now but I havent heard anything better to convince me that it needs upgrading....



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                        Re: Your premium sound system

                        Super system there Greg. Theres nothing like a sunday morning with a espresso and a few tracks of Dire Straits or Norah Jones is there?
                        Found a site for those who own La Marzocco G3s
                        If you have a a bit over a million dollars to spare these are the ones to dream about when you died and gone to heaven....


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                          Re: Your premium sound system

                          Its all well and good to say what you have, but why are there no images.
                          I would love to see what you guys have.
                          PIX PLEASE!!!

                          I will post mine when I get my house.



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                            Re: Your premium sound system

                            Sure Dan, heres mine,
                            Pre amp and turntable is in storage due to oil leaking from bearings.
                            Power amp is plugged directly to CD player with the remote control as volume for shortest possible unbroken signal path from source to loudspeaker.
                            My pride and joy is however the Stax reference headphones. Nothing is more frighteningly revealing of a recording environment as these.
                            On one of the Forrest Gumps soundtracks ("Lets Get Together" by The Youngbloods) you should be able to hear a drummers chair groaning from shuffling buttcheeks, but only possible to hear it on $15,000 plus systems.
                            The dedicated amp for the headphones run class A circuitry so it runs hot regardless idling or concert levels.
                            The CD player is hooked directly to the amp too. Previously had turntable connected to same amp as it has its own phono stage.

                            Good luck with your house. Looking forward to your pics when you settle in.



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                              Re: Your premium sound system

                              Hi all,

                              Heres my audio setup:

                              Primare DV10 disc player
                              Cambridge Azur 840A integrated amplifier
                              2 x Vincent SP997 mono power blocks
                              Sonique 650SE floorstanders (bi-amped)

                              For HT add in:

                              Cambridge Azur 640R a/v receiver
                              DVDO VP50 video processor
                              SIM2 projector
                              Stewart Firehawk screen
                              Sonique 550SE centre channel
                              2 x Elan in ceiling rear speakers