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  • Savage Weather...

    I just found this image on a website I visit regularly....

    Sure brings home the destructiveness of these killer tornadoes in the U.S. This street could be one of several in our own little town....

    Tornadoes? No thank you....


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    Re: Savage Weather...

    Ive got friends in Oklahoma and they all have storm cellars in their garages. Essentially just big steel boxes that they can climb into and shut the lid, the top of the box is at ground level.
    when they had the last big ones over there which was about 12? years ago. It looked like a bulldozer had been through, I expected to see broken bits everywhere, but there was just a mile wide clear area.

    Scary stuff :-[

    Sad to see all of the lost lives


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      Re: Savage Weather...

      The same front that dropped the tornado on Joplin (With at least 122 dead it is now officially the deadliest tornado in the US since the National Weather Service started tracking them over 60 years ago.) tossed 3 twisters right at the core of the 3.5 million population metro area here. Fortunately they werent as big as the one that hit Joplin and everyone here has basements for shelter. Even so 2 people were killed with over 5,000 structures destroyed or damaged. Most of the damage occurred  just outside of downtown Minneapolis where the tornados left a several km long path of destruction right through the heart of the north side of city.

      Seems like weve been getting hit a lot more frequently of late. In 09 it was the south sides turn when a (Thankfully small!) tornado passed by 100m from my house. Fortunately it was weakening as well as off the ground when it was at the closest approach to me so damage here was limited to downed branches. Last year Minnesota had more tornados than any other state, usually an honor reserved for Texas, Oklahoma, or Kansas. In one day alone we had 47 tornados touchdown. Life in Minnesota, gotta love it. Year round weather fun. If its not summer tornados with their winds of potentially over 500kph its winter blizzards and temperatures of -50C and windchills that can drop that to -70C or colder!

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        Re: Savage Weather...

        The death toll from the monster tornado last week in Missouri has risen by seven to at least 139, city spokeswoman Lynn Onstot said Saturday. That makes this the deadliest year for tornadoes since 1950, based on an assessment of figures from the National Weather Service.

        The tornado death toll for 2011 is now 520. Until now, the highest recorded death toll in a single year was 519 in 1953. There were deadlier storms before 1950, but those counts were based on estimates and not on precise figures.
        The NWS didnt start keeping official records of tornados until 1950. For many decades prior to that it was against their rules to even mention the word tornado in any prediction or weather outlook for fear of panicking people.

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