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Marco Simoncelli - Way too early.

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  • Marco Simoncelli - Way too early.

    As I heard the news of Marco Simoncellis accident in Malaysia I felt sick, I still do as I type this 6 hours later.

    It was only last week that my son and I met him at the Philip Island MotoGP and he happily signed a program for Zed to take to school for "show and tell".  The 24yo GP star was having fun, full of life and had a "hair bear bunch" wearing wigs and following him on the hill.

    He rode the wheels off the bike on race day to finish on the podium well in front of a lot of factory teams... ridden with pure guts and the talent of a previous world champion.

    Motor racing is dangerous, motorbikes are dangerous, its rare that its fatal at this level of competition though.

    My thoughts go to Marcos family, friends, team, fans and of course to Colin,

    Ciao Marco, we will never know just how good you could have been.

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    Re: Marco Simoncelli - Way too early.

    I still have that sick feeling in my tummy everytime I think about it.

    I usually rewind and watch incidents on a number of occasions, but last night both my wife and I couldnt bear to watch the footage of the accident again.

    My mates and I were only talking last week, how he rides the bejeesus out of his bike everytime and thats why he had secured a factory Honda ride over Dovi for next year.

    As Andy said, we will never know how great he could have been.

    RIP Marco



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      Re: Marco Simoncelli - Way too early.

      I am still in complete shock.
      He was such a talent as his world championship showed and always pushed to the limit.
      And I really was looking forward to him racing the bigger 1000cc bikes next year.
      A real tragedy


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        Re: Marco Simoncelli - Way too early.

        He had been doing quite well this year with a couple of podiums and placing 2nd last week in the Philip Island race.
        Sickening thoughts after seeing the crash to anyone, especially we motorcycle riders, but it is an adrenaline rush we all crave

        RIP Marco


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          Re: Marco Simoncelli - Way too early.

          Casey Stoner mentioned in the press he was sick all over upon hearing the news, as did us avid racing fans.

          When Marco and Dan Weldon passed away, tributes came from other forms of racing, The Formula One circus, WRC, V8 supercars etc.

          Ive never being a fan of his off the edge riding style and strategy, but nevertheless ive followed him up through the ranks of 250 cc which culminated in his 250 cc world title in 2008.

          Its very sad to lose a competitor of his infectious personality, especially since he has come of age in Motogp and becomed a serious contender for the title.
          I wondered how he would go next season and then this happened.

          Having spent previous times on track days, putting together a set of consistent fast lap times is difficult, because you have other riders only inches away. Its not the same as being with your mates having a blast in a country road and youre a few car lengths away from each other.
          So when you do fall, the chances of taking others down with you as well is very very real.

          I watched the race live on TV and the crash was very sickening.

          Though affected by the shock, it was disappointing to see how the racing fans reacted to the announcement that the race was cancelled.
          Even though the announcement did not mention of Marcos situation at the time, the fans reacted badly, as if they felt the race should re-commence.

          RIP Marco.

          Together with Shoya Tomizawa, rest well at the finishing line.


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            Re: Marco Simoncelli - Way too early.

            Ditto to what everyone has written above....

            Still feeling numb after witnessing that terrible event on the box. I loved Marcos riding and passion, a great bloke and a great competitor who will be sorely missed by all bikers and lovers of bike sports. I just hope Colin Edwards is Ok too, what a thing to happen to another great bloke and rider...

            Give em heaps up there mate....



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              Re: Marco Simoncelli - Way too early.

              That was an accident of horrible circumstances, the loss of control, the other riders crashing into him and the helmet coming off. Everything just conspired against him. It was sad to watch and what loss of talent.


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                Re: Marco Simoncelli - Way too early.


                Valencia. Talk about a tight finish by a thousandth of a second by Stoner over Ben Spies. Best edge of the seat race of the season i reckon.

                Was the worst day to go racing. Damp patches with the dry ones, and then it started raining sporadically.
                Just happens Stoner had the best drive out of the last corner to carry the speed and overtake Spies on the straight.

                No spraying of the champagne, just a gentle tap of the bottles together to pay respect to Marco, as well as a gathering of riders present and past on the main straight for a moment of silence.

                Fitting editing by the station as it shows Marco in heaven, getting off his bike against a pure white background with a marker pen and autographing the camera lens and saying Ciao Ciao!!

                Took me aback. How
                did they do that?

                Gary at G


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                  Re: Marco Simoncelli - Way too early.

                  RIP Marco Super Sic you will be sadly missed 
                  A rising star taken way too early.
                  Arrivederchi - Riposa In Pace


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                    Re: Marco Simoncelli - Way too early.

                    I felt sick seeing that footage. Two passions of mine, bike riding (VTR1000) down the GOR and enjoying the coffee haunts of Arab Expresso Bar in Lorne & Martians Cafe in Deans Marsh.

                    RIP 58



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                      Re: Marco Simoncelli - Way too early.

                      Originally posted by 7B5E5F4548310 link=1319384604/9#9 date=1321159408
                      the GOR and enjoying the coffee haunts of Arab Expresso Bar in Lorne & Martians Cafe in Deans Marsh.
                      Yep thats what weekends are for. Winston does make a nice coffee- the only place I can pull up to and have coffee made as we get off our bikes and grab a table!
                      sorry - getting off topic